Sunday, July 8, 2012

Special Announcement

Greetings to All,

I am happy and proud to formally announce my involvement as an Advisory Board Member with the non-profit organization, Mind & Body Bootcamp (which I will refer too as MBB). See the following website for details on the organization:

Through this role I will be involved with an organization that is dedicated to helping people in a variety of ways, one of which is by introducing and educating people on sustainable ways to live.

My primary contributions are two fold:

1. When in full operational mode, I will be partnering my company, Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS) with Mind & Body Bootcamp in a way to help the Dream Centers have their own sustainable food reliance.

2. To be a global public speaker on Global Sustainability and educating people on all the requirements necessary to move mankind towards that end.

With respect to the second contribution, for the past two years I have been fortunate to lecture around the world on Global Sustainability, relying on the support of those who find my lectures to be of value. In partnering with MBB, it is now going to be easier than ever for those who support me in that endeavor.

MBB will be the funding arm that will help me travel the world to speak at key events where the message of Global Sustainability will resonate the strongest. People can now donate to MBB throughout the year to help build my "Global Lecturing Travel Fund", and since it is a non-profit organization, those donations can be tax deductible, and the use of those funds will be open and transparent.

As the travel fund builds constantly over time, it will open opportunities to speak anywhere, any time, without having to do a quick scramble to gather funding, which is what I do now. There have been many opportunities missed because of the short notice nature of how I had to do things in the past. That is no longer an issue, because people can now donate to the travel fund at any time, which will be used to get me to venues that myself and MBB find to be most appropriate. And please note that this is a travel fund only, and will not be used to pay me for my lectures.

This is a win/win for MBB and myself, because I truly enjoy speaking to people about how we can make life on this planet more sustainable and better for all people, and MBB will get the boon of any connections I make, which will only strengthen our ability to help more people in more places. And that is what this is all really about, helping people.


Douglas Mallette, BSET
CEO, Cybernated Farm Systems
Advisory Board Member, Mind & Body Bootcamp
Global Public Speaker
Author: Turning Point (On iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Amazon &

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Norman Copeland said...

Hello Douglas, 6th dimensional productivity seems as though the key at explaning would certainly be the way forward... Keen listening and opportunistic apparent magnitude co relevant...

Good luck, hope see you as soon as appropriate...

Norman Copeland.

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