Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scandivanian Lecture Tour

This list will be updated as certain venues are officially confirmed.

Sweden Lectures:

Stockholm (Stockholm Univ), Jan 16th at 17:00.

Örnsköldsvik (Parkskolan), Jan 18th at 08:20.

Örnsköldsvik (Nolaskolan), Jan 18th at Noon.

Umea (details coming soon), Jan 19th at TBD.

Örnsköldsvik (Nolaskolan), Jan 21st at 15:00. Free event with multiple lecturers. Individual lectures will be followed by a panel discussion.

Norway Lectures:

Oslo (Realistforeningen - Math and Science Students), Jan 23rd at 18:00.

Bergen (Batteriet), Jan 24th at 19:00.

Trondheim (details coming soon), Jan 25th at 19:00.

Denmark Lecture:

The HUB Copenhagen, Jan 30th at 17:30.

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