Monday, December 5, 2011

Kepler 22b - It is What We Thought it Was

I won't lie, the newest information on Kepler 22b is pretty darn exciting.

See here for details

The fact that we now have a confirmed Earth-like planet in the habitable zone is one thing, but the fact that there are a few hundred more options under consideration just goes to show how NOT unique we really are in the grand scheme of things.

I hope in time people come to understand that, and that it's actually a positive thing, because that means there are countless universal 'brothers and sisters' out there for us to eventually meet and learn from. Of course, we gotta get this house in order pretty quick, like ditching archaic modes of global operation in favor of something a bit more...suitable to our present day knowledge and capabilities. :)


Norman Copeland. said...

Hello Douglas!!! I'm still alive and all is well, busy at work...

A fantastic new NASA business!

[Hey, did you look at the Martian crater new name of ''Majuro?'']

I'll talk to you next year buddy...


Ted Moffatt said...

Doug, The statement today that there might be (conservatively) 160 billion planets in our galaxy alone is mind boggling.

Using that number as a baseline figure we have some interesting numbers.

if 10 % of those 160 billion planets can support life, that gives us 16 Billion life bearing worlds.

If 10% of those worlds have intelligent life, that gives us 1.6 billion planets with intelligent life.

If 10 % of those worlds have life, as we know it, that means there are 160 million worlds with humanoid life.

If 10 % of those worlds have advanced civilizations (equivalent to ours or better) that leaves 16 Million advanced civilizations!

Now... if ONLY 1% of those advanced civilizations has deep space (interstellar) flight that still leaves 160 THOUSAND civilizations that might conceivably come visit us...

The big question is "Would they want to do that?"

Douglas Mallette said...

Ted - At this stage in our development, I doubt it. We're being retarded to each other and the planet

I don't mean small petty squabbles here and there, that happens. I'm referring to the global stupidity of how we behave on a large scale, how we treat our world, and how myopic those "in charge" are with respect to actually improving all life on this planet.

If I was an advanced alien species, I'd wait until this planet wakes up before saying hi.

We're actually close to that crossroad, where we either destroy ourselves because of perverse attachments to 200+ year old ideologies, or we drastically change how we conduct ourselves as a species and implement a new operating system for global management.

Time will tell...