Sunday, August 28, 2011

Up to the plate...

One more player in the Commercial Space front is now stepping up to the plate:

Orbital Sciences is now ready to test itself against the only other real player in the game, SpaceX. I hope they all succeed, because someone needs to pick up where inept governments leave off.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hi Douglas, whatever happened to Star Wars:The Forgotten ?

Douglas Mallette said...

Well that's off topic. lol. Sadly, because the footage was so overblown in too many places, the whole project had to be scrapped...for now.

Now that I have moved back to Orlando, I can reconnect with many of the same people and we hope to re-shoot the film, with better lighting all around.

It made me sad to have to do that, but I had no choice. So much of the footage was impossible to save. However, all the models and CG backgrounds will still be used...and they will be even better given the footage will be up to snuff with the quality of the models.