Monday, July 18, 2011

Visiting Asteroids

Well, I have to hand it to NASA, they absolutely have a crack CG and A/V staff that can paint fun pictures of what will likely not happen anytime soon. This video is pretty exciting!

Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for this mission to actually happen, but with space exploration dependent on political whims, the NASA budget getting constantly pillaged, and an economic climate that is rendering thousands of scientists/engineers unemployed (post-shuttle), I'd like to know who really thinks this will actually happen?

And remember, space exploration doesn't revolve around election cycles, so whatever is decided now will likely be messed with when the next set of technically/scientifically uneducated schmucks get elected into political control. Sadly, NewSpace doesn't have the clout or resources to take on the charge themselves...not yet.

Suffice to say that I'm pretty sick of politicians (lawyers dominantly) dictating the future of mankind.


Marcel F. Williams said...

Sending astronauts into interplanetary space for several months with no mass shielding to protect the human brain from heavy nuclei would be a suicide mission. But it does make a nice video:-)

Prioritizing one or two manned asteroid missions for the SLS program is also politically and economically unsustainable. Plus it would probably cost ten times less just to send an unmanned probe to visit a NEO asteroid and to return samples back to cis-lunar space.

4ndy said...

I can very easily see why you're so sick of this.
"Air conditioning for troops costs more than NASA" - article from RT last month.