Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Weekend & Fun News

Alright, so this weekend I have the honor of speaking at a conference in Liverpool, UK, called the School for Changemakers. It's a sister organization associated with the Caux, Initiatives of Change group in Switzerland, which I had the privileged of speaking at last year.

This is a special conference for young people ages 18 to 30, most between 18 and 25, who are dedicated to being change makers in the world, open to adopting new ways of doing things. I'm going to talk about science, engineering and technology for social concern, actually using our awesome tools to help people and society evolve to a new socioeconomic paradigm. Yeah...I never aim low. lol.

To go along with this concept, some really good news has developed in the R&D area of technical advancement. Here are a few articles to ponder. What's cool about this stuff is that it's just as applicable for space exploration as it is for terrestrial use. In fact, space exploration has been largely responsible for developing a lot of the core technologies that are being advanced now, and those advancements can give every person on the planet an amazing quality of life...if we'd just use them for that purpose. :)

Stanford team devises a better solar-powered water splitter

Japanese supercomputer 'K' is world's fastest

Car Bodies That Double as Batteries Extend EV Range While Cutting Weight

New Clues About Aging: Genetic Splicing Mechanism Triggers Both Premature Aging Syndrome and Normal Cellular Aging

Japanese ball drone knows how to make an entrance - Only because it totally reminds me of the Star Wars Interrogation Droid.

First Telecommunications Wavelength Quantum Dot Laser Grown on a Silicon Substrate

And remember, the source for all these links punches out new articles from around the world every day, and is an resource for learning what advancements are happening in several fields of research.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Endeavour Lands - My Personal Future

Well, my baby is back on Terra Firma, and the mission of STS-134 is now complete. Success on all fronts, and I'm happy that everyone is now home safe.

It's been a fun ride and I've enjoyed every moment working here. The next few months will see things slow down significantly. I'm still helping a bit with Atlantis's last mission, since the CM Manager for OV-104 is pregnant and going to be in and out basically from about now until after the program is over. But by all accounts the CM level work for STS-135 is done until she returns.

We're all effectively done come August 5th, plus a few days if the launch date for Atlantis slips, but not much more than that. Back to Orlando we go, and instead of working for someone else doing their bidding, I'm going to try and start my own company, using my technical education and background to try and do something positive for the world...fully automated off-grid self sustaining aquaponic farm systems. :)

To that end, this blog might have to take a back seat for a little while, as I will be working hard to get my company up and running. I hope to be able to post something of interest every once in a while, but I make no guarantees.

Time will tell how everything will pan out, but that's how the universe operates...always moving forward. :)