Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weary of "Super Earths"


I'm growing just a tad weary of the label "Super Earth" for planets that are absolutely NOTHING like Earth. Come on astronomers, enough with the false hype nonsense and just talk about the findings without the "attention getting" pseudonyms that are, in all fairness, complete bunk.

Super-exotic super-Earth = NOTHING LIKE EARTH AT ALL.

With that said, this is a pretty whacked out planet. 18 hours to fly around the star? Sheesh.


Jerry M. Weikle said...

I have to agree with you here Doug as the astronomical community does need better 'definitions' for the discoveries. "Super Earth" should be reserved for an Earth-like planet in a habitable zone around a star.

The referenced article is creating a false sense of these planets. Why not develop a "Super Venus" category, for planets that are close to their star in a non-habitable zone where the dynamics are 'unknown'. A "Super Venus" is hot, heavey, and has a lot of mysterous attributes. And furthermore, a "Super Mars" is analogus to "Damn near close to a Earth world". I'm just politely saying and suggesting...

Yet, 18 hours to fly around the star and heavier than lead. It might be a burnt out core of a Jupiter size planet and nothing more than a rock that will never be of any interest to the human species. Agreeing, it "whacked out planet"; sounds like a great place to have rebel forces for the Empire. Creat a digital game variation of the planet, put it on FB or sell it to Zygna for a cool Billion. :)

Douglas Mallette said...

Jerry - lol. Even Mustafar was nicer than this place. lol.