Monday, April 25, 2011

SpaceX Aims High

Mars in 20 years or less? I like it! At least someone out there is setting a lofty goal. I wonder who they plan to work with when it comes to building the bases, or if it will just be a fly by, or fly around mission.

One has to think that Bigelow has been working on some sort of Mars Base system, even if it's just the initial in-orbit docking station around the red marble, but of course that's just speculation on my end. :)

If one were to imagine the best possible scenario, in my opinion anyway, but also shared by others in the space-geek community, it would be that SpaceX and Bigelow (or any such companies) would work on establishing an automated LEO refueling station and another automated LO (Lunar Orbit) refueling station (or an L point one), which would solidify the infrastructure for an easier hop to Mars.

My only concern with all this is the global meltdown of economics, and since space exploration is heavily tied to economics, one must be pragmatic enough to see that even though we have the mental fortitude, knowledge and technological capabilities to explore our solar system with humans at the wheel, we might never establish the economic viability to make it happen.

All our genius, squandered by money. How nice.

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