Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Face in Space - Yuri's Night Relfection

This is not really a scientific or technical post related to any article, but I felt the urge to mention that my face will be in space. :)

You see, I am on a bowling league with the pilot of STS-134, Mr. Greg Johnson (who is a good bowler by the way). We all took pictures of our league and he's taking that up to space with him. We hope maybe he'll have time to have pictures of him taken holding our pictures, looking out Cupola. Not sure if that will happen of course, but WOW would that be nice. :)

It's fun to know and work with people in the human spaceflight industry. As Yuri's Night is upon us, today I reflect on this awesome job I have, but also the sadness that fills me that I live in a country that is more interested in blowing things up around the world than exploring the space around it.

I hope soon the sentiment changes, locally and globally, and we can evolve ourselves towards a Type 1 Civilization, shedding the baggage this "old world" has saddled us with, so we can pursue new and amazing things for mankind. :)

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