Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dark Energy Alternative Gets Hit

If anyone knows me, they know my feelings on the place-holder theories of Dark Matter and Energy. When the math doesn't work according to plan...make something up and stick it in to fix it. lol. I don't really like that method, since of course it's never been proved and falls into a pit of inconsistency more often than not.

Nevertheless, I love this particular statement in the article:

"Thomas Edison once said 'every wrong attempt discarded is a step forward,' and this principle still governs how scientists approach the mysteries of the cosmos," said Jon Morse, astrophysics division director at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "By falsifying the bubble hypothesis of the accelerating expansion, NASA missions like Hubble bring us closer to the ultimate goal of understanding this remarkable property of our universe."

I will really applaud when the 'establishment' of scientists start to question the dogmatic view of universal shape and origin. I hope one day we stop treating infinity (big or small) as if it's a profane concept. There is a plausible chance that the premise on which everything is based might itself be flawed.

But eh...that's why we do research...right? :)

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