Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Stop Spot

I often note that space exploration helps bring about technologies that are not just useful in space, but eventually find places to be used on Earth, as it should be. In tackling the unforgiving and harsh environment of space, we invariably will develop technical systems and ideas that could be used and/or modified to solve terrestrial issues as well. Higher the target, broader the scope.

With that said, sometimes the opposite occurs, where a technology designed for use on Earth ends up being quite useful for some space application.

The fun part about all this is learning and finding out about all these new and interesting technologies. The hard part is having to sift through many technology news websites to find something, and even then, it might not be very easy to isolate any particular topic you might be interested in.

However, this is no longer the case:

ZeitNews is a new technology news aggregate website that brings to light many various new and developing stories from many different websites, so that you can find out about the newest news, hence the term "zeit" which is "time" in German. Timely technology news, up to date and constantly updated. There's nothing quite like a one stop spot to see what's clicking in the realm of science, engineering and technological development.

I love information sharing and knowledge expansion. :)

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Gordon said...

Thanks for the link. Zeitnews provides a nice coffee break read.