Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A One Month Hiatus

Hello friends,

Well, yes, I've been off for about a month. I don't really make any money with this blog, so it's not like I'm up against a wall, so with that comes the benefit of getting away for a little while and not worrying about it. Of course, I do risk the chance of followers and subscribers ejecting and leaving because I'm not posting anything new, but since this is just my hobby, I'm okay with that.

With that said, I'm back. It's been a very busy past few weeks on many fronts, not the least of which is the chance that I may get a new job with Virgin Galactic, the amazing company that I've talked about many times here on this blog. If you don't know what Virgin Galactic is, first get out of the cave you're in (lol), then go here:


I expect to find out this week if I get the job. If I do, I'll be moving to California and starting this February. Yes, a fast turn around, but I'm 110% eager and ready to get going! After all, it's NewSpace, and anyone who knows me (or follows this blog) understands my passion for NewSpace and how I feel about it. In poker terms...I'm ALL IN! :) After about 2 years, whenever Spaceport America is completed, we'll all be moving operations to New Mexico and setting up our permanent address. Woohoo!

I'm not sure what will happen to this blog if/when this happens. I might just post once a week. That's basically what I've been doing recently anyway since it seems that space news has slowed, a lot. I thank a retarded Congress for that, since government space is still the biggest player in the game and they are woefully inept at pretty much everything. But that won't be the case for too much longer...well, the "government space being the biggest player" bit...I don't think government itself will ever NOT be inept. lol. I see government space falling away, and NASA becoming a shell of its former self. We'll fund the hell out of wars, but not so much for the advancement of the human species. How nice. But I digress.

I hope I'll be able to ramp up this blog again, getting back to my in depth analysis of things sci/tech/space related. Don't be surprised if I talk about articles that aren't exactly space related, but have a space connection in some way. I've always said that one of the greatest purposes of space exploration are the innovations that can be turned around and used back on Earth for the benefit of mankind. If I see a space based tech that fits the bill, I'll talk about it.

So, that's it. I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Talk atcha later peeps!

Ad Astra! :)


Norman Copeland said...

I just had the opportunity to look at some of the posting's I haven't browsed because I aswell was away from the computer for later nov start dec...

You applied for a job at virgin galactic!!!

Terrific, my personal knowledge of job application responses is that many people apply for the same job and only the very very best cirriculum vitae's [c.v] are even looked at, hopefully you really punch your weight buddy!!!

If you need any help or a very modest personel reference just say so...

You know where you stand then...

Norman Copeland.


Douglas Mallette said...

Well, I didn't get the job, but that just means that I'm supposed to do something else.