Friday, January 21, 2011

Comfort with the Unknown

You'll have to read the article to understand my comment, but here it is anyway:

But never entertain the notion that maybe some of "God's" other creatures might have paid a visit or influenced the mythology of this planet long, long ago. That would just be silly. ;)

Anyway, I'm okay with not knowing, and refuse to make up answers as a means to placate my own happiness or comfort. In fact, I am comforted that there are things I don't understand and things I may never understand, because I enjoy the knowledge that comes with trying to accurately and honestly solve those unknowns without adding mythical attributes to them.

All that does is give a false sense of comfort within a universe that is so much more amazing than that.


Norman Copeland said...

Ah huh!!! Philosophy, I knew you would see the side of it that has grounding. Space science is teaching everyday for those listening.

Hopefully jobs for those watching will surface.

thegreatms said...


Do you know what is going on at I cannot seem to make comments and is seems like the forums are broken. I remembered you had a blog so I search for you. I figured you might be able to confirm that this is a general problem, not specific to me.

Sorry you the off-topic.


Douglas Mallette said...

When they switched over to the new format, some bugs popped up. I have had issues posting as well to the new, but I have been able to do it recently. I just log in under my Facebook account and my old MasterSith account works fine. I'm more depressed that there isn't a lot of amazing news in the space industry as of late.