Monday, October 11, 2010

Virgin's Virgin Voyage...for Enterprise Anyway

This is great stuff, as is any positive development in the arena of space exploration and development. It's nice to see Virgin Galactic press on, in spite of the lack of space exploration push this nation (the USA) seems to be experiencing right now. Oh well, we are all part of the human race...people will wake up to that one day, one way or another...and in the long run I don't care if it's VG, SpaceX, NASA, China or Zimbabwe that helps propel humanity deeper into the beauty of space. For every expansion outward, we help solidify our inward capabilities. Better for us, better for the future, better for the planet and better for mankind.


Brave New Dawn said...

Its nice to see a UK effort these days as well:

Another of my favourites is: and SKYLON.

And of course, lets not forget:

Which by the looks of it is encouraging development I reckon.


Douglas Mallette said...

I like Skylon. I'm sure something like that could be modified for people and not just cargo, although it is just a flying gas tank in most respects. lol.

I can't wait until we get past controlled explosions for launch propulsion.