Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Seems Like Only Yesterday


In the beginning there was dirt. Then trucks came with blueprints and a vision. Almost sounds like the beginning of Las Vegas, and in a weird kind of way, similar. A crazy guy implements his vision to entertain people in a way never before imagined, bucking the establishment and forging his own path.

As Spaceport America held its runway dedication, these thoughts occurred to me. Then I applied them to the new Lunar Facility a few years (decades?) later, albeit with a nice time delay, but at least the people there could do amazing jumps of joy the likes of which would make Jordan envious.

Next, in a similar landscape for Spaceport America, I envisioned the same thing happening on Mars. By then, probably a bit less cumbersome of an undertaking, hopefully with less business and politics involved and more dedication to doing what's right for humanity in the long run. Nevertheless, the vision is nice. I wonder what spacecraft we'd have christened by then to accomplish the joyous task of ferrying mankind into the stars from whence we came?

Evolution is a constant construct, ever moving and fluid like water. Technical evolution, social evolution, mankind's evolution into something greater...hopefully more humble and thankful, more compassionate and caring, more open minded and magnanimous. An emergent man, not an established man.

To this end, Ad Astra Virgin Galactic. May the fruits of this labor lead to humanities self reflection as many start to gaze back upon this glorious world from a new perspective, a world where evolution never rests.

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