Thursday, October 7, 2010

The China Syndrome,0,5226156.htmlstory

So there was another UFO over China, sending the world into a frenzy! Okay, maybe not the world, but all the fun loving UFO nutters are chomping at the bit over this one. I must admit, it's kinda weird, but as a science minded person, I will only conclude one thing, that it is a UFO. It's unidentified, it flies and it's an object. That's about it. Anything beyond that is just speculation or self placating Conspiracy Theory junk. Still, it looked kinda cool.

China's second Moon probe is setting up shop in orbit. Soon it will start Lunar Observation science, probably establishing a data set to work from for the eventual Moon Base I'm sure they're going to build. After all, no other nation is really taking space exploration seriously.

"Two research satellites flew into a nearly 400-mile-high orbit early Wednesday (Oct. 6) on a Long March rocket, continuing a pace of nearly one Chinese launch a week since the end of July."

Yeah, that about covers it. On a related note, I got a cool gift yesterday, a small banner showcasing the end of the Space Shuttle Program and its 30 years of service to space exploration. A few weeks ago I got a neat little lapel pin. And in a about 6 months, I'll get a pretty pink slip.

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Marcel F. Williams said...

China's manned space program has been taking a low profile lately, probably in order not to incite US space nationalism at a time when it looks like the US won't have any domestic manned access to space for 5 to 10 years.

Once the Space Shuttle is finally decommissioned, I believe the Chinese will reignite a far more aggressive manned space program.

Douglas Mallette said...


quetzy said...

Reading your first comment reminded me of what Neil Tyson said about UFOs (I wish that guy was my teacher):

As for China's space program, yay!
I don't care who does it, what matters is that someone does.
Lately it seems that many discoveries and advances are halted by trying to 'keep them to oneself', starting from the concept of patent laws etc... imagine if Tesla was thinking about his profit, he'd stop after the alternate current, sit back and roll in money... and everyone, including him, would be worse off.

Anyway, back to the matter of space - even if we ignore the random space events that might occur, I feel that due to the rapid development of other technologies (not so much nuclear as much as nano and genetics), it is urgent to colonize other planets. The risk of a race-wide wipe is becoming too real to ignore - and I do think that mankind is the most important thing on Earth (not because I am human, but because we are the most complex life form in the known universe, we have the most invested in us, and we are -in every way - the most advanced species we know of).

Kudos to China for leading the way,
let's hope the others will follow and we get to spread out in time.

windbourne said...

Hmmm. I have wondered if that was so. I have seen that they have been building a factory approach on getting the long march 5 off the ground and it is to go live with large number of launches in early 2012. More importantly, I have thought that they were taking their time getting that one going.

I only wonder how fast America is going to back Multiple arch. Private Space?
Or will CONgress just bleet and bah and say that we should have done the Shuttle-C, the X-33, The Ares I, The Ares V, Direct, or this new boondogle?

Douglas Mallette said...

Boondoggle sounds about right. lol.