Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goldilocks Strikes

I wonder, if life is there, and its advanced life, what they name their own star. I have to assume that we'd defer to their name and not the one we've made up for the star.

Anyway, this is good stuff. Finally some positive news not related to computer model science or political BS. :)

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Jerry M. Weikle said...

One day in the future our technology might be sophisticated enough to actually retrieve an image of the planet, Gliese 581g.

I wonder if there are oceans, mountain ranges, glaciers, vast deserts and forests. Given the projection upon the stability of a world that is tidally-locked and the long term probability that life has evolved on Gliese 581g (See "Scientific Debate" on my blog)as Vogt claims within the initial announcement of the discovery, has advance intelligent life evolved there?

We have to wait upon science to answer.
Yet, there is always the fantasy aspects of science fiction to assist our conceptual understanding. Are they Ewoks, blue Avatarians, Betazoid's, Vulcan's, or some reptilian species?