Monday, July 12, 2010

Lutetia the Lovely

Some things are just too cool for words. In such cases, I'm glad we have missions in space to bring back these awesome pictures. Congratulations ESA for Rosetta and these stunning pictures. I look forward to future amazing visuals.


Ted said...

Doug, I am looking forward to the Dawn missions arrival at Vesta a year form now. If the Photos of Lutetia are any indication, the ones of Vesta should be spectacular.

데이빛 / Mithridates said...

That reminds me, the first photo of 21 Lutetia was one from 900,000 km away that showed a similar resolution to images taken from the ground, just some ten pixels across or so. Considering the size of Vesta and Dawn's extremely slow approach I'm assuming that images of that type should be available perhaps some two months before arrival. Even now it's just 44 million km away and has a full year to wait before entering orbit. Curious whether the Dawn team intends to release some of that eye candy ahead of time as it gets within just a few million km.

Douglas Mallette said...

Mithridates - One would think with the push to make science and technology more "cool" to kids and more available to the public, they would show everything they could as soon as possible.

Of course, logic doesn't always drive the bus with respect to this stuff. lol.