Thursday, May 20, 2010

Been Away...But Back

So yes, I've been off for a bit, mainly due to the fact that I finally had my officially wedding ceremony in Orlando.

Been together 8+ years with my lovely bride, have a wonderful daughter, and finally now had the ability to have the ceremony. It was a Star Wars wedding, very awesome, came together perfectly, weather was awesome (outdoor wedding) and in general was amazingly fun for all. It was elegant Star Wars, not corny Star Wars.

Anyway, now that I'm back I will be catching up on space/sci/tech news and posting my 2 cents on whatever appeals to me. That's kinda why you guys follow this blog, right? :)

Oh...if you want to see a boat load of wedding pix, they are on my Facebook profile. Just look me up. Until then, take care and best wishes.


Bartacus said...

Congrats! Did the 501st Legion put in an appearance at the ceremony? Or was there an AT-AT cake involved?


Douglas Mallette said...

Yes. Had 2 troopers and a royal red guard. Our cake was a Star Destroyer. R2D2 was the ring bearer. Many pix are on my Facebook page. 191 pix actually. lol.

Plus we had several video cameras filming it like it was a movie production. That footage will be professionally edited and a DVD will be created. :)