Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cassini Flyby

So NASA's Cassini probe "buzzed the tower" over Enceladus last night. I look forward to seeing what the data shows, well, at least reading the reports on what the scientists say the data showed. I can't wait until we actually drop a probe that drills down and unloads a cute little robotic submarine to go snooping around. Now THAT should be...maybe...headline news worthy stuff. That is unless some political scandal or ridiculous financial shenanigan is going on. Funny how we focus on the idiocy more than we focus on advancement. Such a shame, but hey, at least us science geeks are out there trying to do something to better humanity and its knowledge. :)


Norman Copeland said...

You talk as if everyone hasn't got the world available to them, there are many worlds that will soon be available to all of us, It's not just the science geeks who do all the work...

Is it?

Douglas Mallette said...

I'm referring to this particular realm Norman. I'm not generalizing.

But to do so, I would say yes, it is just us science geeks who do most of the work (not all, most), because to me, anyone who is curious and interested in advancement, and applies the proper practices of the scientific method (or something at least really close to it), is a scientist.

I consider most kids to be scientists, especially those under 12, because they are full of curiosity and eager to learn about the world around them.

It sure as hell isn't the financial manipulator that's advancing humanity. They're the ones setting everything back for their own personal gain.

Norman Copeland said...

It's a philosophical call really, some of us advance at faster opportunites and some of us advance at different cognitive opportunies.

Truely I beleive that as man we have the abiltiy to be sensible and it is our abilty to guide our races best interests into futures that represent a wholesome experience for us as men.

Obviously people who consider us as nerds and geeks have their own standard of philosophy that I beleive is our duty as leading geeks and nerds to address with responsibilty.

For that, I have absolute respect, but, for those who wonder aimlessly into horizons I worry, but, genuinely believe we should be able to cater for them.

Such is the situation with administration funding, we have a duty to the president to be respectful of his decisions and it is testimony to the boat which is our races vehicle that we treat each move and decision with utter loyalty.

Many, have philosophy which they grasp with complete trust, but, I must say that perhaps it is their own driving loyalty based on older fundamental principles that bestow hardship on newer and clearer versions of older paths.

It is truelly the test of life to be sure of truth.

I'm going with god, not robots.

But, I have empathy for desert life.

Douglas Mallette said...

And I'm going with robots over God, because for me, one is real and the other fairy tale.

Respect the President...the office...sure. That doesn't mean I agree with his decisions.

I am loyal to the human race, no political party, no sub-division, no one country over any other. We are all people, and should be treated as such.

Of course, not sure what this has to do with my article though. lol

RJSNAP123 said...

It is unfortunate that it wont be headline news. If lucky, page 2.

The focus on idiocy over advancements is by design to keep the public dumbed down.

And as for we having a duty to the president to be respectful of his decisions, that is laughable. The only duty of a citizen of the US is to respect the Constitution and make sure that we stop the trampling of it before it is too late.

If we can reverse the trend of more of our liberties being infringed on (which this president is a big part of, don't kid yourself. He has continued the draconian policies of the last administration), we would have a much better chance to better humanity and its knowledge.

Douglas Mallette said...

RJSNAP - I agree with the dumbing down statement.

As for respect to paper proclamations, I'm not in favor of that either. Look, the U.S. Constitution is a great document (was a great document for the time), but it is not perfect, or irreplaceable. To think the Constitution is the ultimate document that mankind has ever written to govern itself is arrogant and blatantly ignores human advancement.

Societies advance, and technology is a HUGE driver of social conditions. I look at it this way: If your society is running the way it should, humane and well for all people, then you don't need to write down rules or laws on pieces of paper to justify it. It's common sense based on environmental conditions. Better the environment, better the people, no paper required.

If you have to be told you're free, then you're not really free. And honestly, we are not free in America. We are only as free as what we can afford, which is a serious and significant limitation for the majority of the population.

Anonymous said...

Well, since we're off-topic...

The kind of point of view I value most could be summed up as: I'm a citizen of the world, and my religion is to do good.

Such an outlook, if more present among people, would really greatly reduce today's causes of misery in the world :)

Norman Copeland said...

Truefully, what scares me is that people think that being a segregated world is better for people and any national security...

Star wars 'clone wars', is a very realistic prospect, heck, it was 65 years ago that the Japenese decided to show Amricans what pearl harbor means to the world.

Wake up, whatever flyby it is, I just want it to be a man, and US.