Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One More Step Along the Journey


Virgin Galactic has completed one more step along the journey of making Commercial Space a reality. Yesterday marked the first attached flight of WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo, taking to the air together. Moving in the forward direction, it's nice to see Virgin Galactic making progress towards their ultimate end goal of providing more people a way to see the Earth as never before, and experience a thrill of a lifetime. One can only hope that that eventually leads into an avalanche of support for the advancement of humanity into space. :)

On a side note, SpaceX recently did their Falcon 9 three second test fire on the pad at the Kennedy Space Center. I didn't think that was really Blog worthy, even though it is important, but what could I say about that. Still, in the next month or so I hope to be writing about their successful Falcon 9 test launch. Now that is Blog worthy...at least to me. :) That is another step forward to the end goal, but only one goal of many to be set, I'm sure.

The steps that will be taken over this next year will probably come slowly, with little fanfare by the mass media who find it more compelling to talk about athletes and their infidelity for hours on end than serious news that can positively affect many of us. Alas, that's the pop culture we live in. I guess it's up to us insiders to do what we can to bring it to the forefront, a job I'm more than willing to undertake. :)

Ad Astra!!!


Norman Copeland said...

£40 million to see what I.T.A.R does next...

It wasn't me.


Anonymous said...

It is called the VSS Enterprise now.