Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vegetarian Rant

Yes, this article has a scientific point, but you must get the full story to appreciate it. :)

So I was at a stoplight yesterday and the car in front of me had vegetarian bumper stickers. 'Go Vegetarian and save a cow', or something like that. That crap drives me nuts.

(Edit: For those who think the person was joking around, there was also a bumper sticker that said 'If you eat meat, you're a killer'. THOSE are the people that drive me nuts. Hope this clarifies why I'm ranting on this.)

What, are plants not alive? Last I checked, they intake CO2, and release Oxygen. They absorb nutrients from the soil and convert energy for the purpose of sustainment and growth. Yeah, they are alive and basically perform the same core processes that we do.

So basically what vegetarians are saying is that unless you have eyes, walk around and make cute little noises like moo, cluck or oink, you're good for food. I wish plants could bitch slap them, because what they're doing is isolating one kind of life as 'special', while focusing completely on another in herbicide! What a bunch of hypocritical crap. Just because broccoli doesn't give you "sad" eyes, it's not on the same level? Then again, maybe it's not about life, but about seeming all empathetic and kind. Blah.

We have sharp teeth for a reason, to gnaw and thrash meat. We're NOT gummy plant eating herbivores. What a bunch of political nonsense....for most of them. I do know several vegetarians who simply can't process meat very well. That is totally different. That is a biological restriction. My wife can't eat shrimp because she's allergic, ergo no shrimp for her. But the majority of this vegetarian, save the animals crap is ludicrous.

Now to the science part: Everything on this Earth is here for a reason, including the things which we consume biologically to survive. Until science and technology can make meat that looks like meat, tastes like meat, smells like meat, feels like meat, has the chewy texture of meat, and provides the exact proper nutrients as meat, then I'm fragging eating MEAT!

Now the moment science does develop Star Trekkian style food replication/synthesization that is indistinguishable from the real thing, I will have no reason to eat animals, or plants for that matter, so then everything can live as it wishes. I will then, and only then, change my natural ways. Until then, bring on the fillet with a side of broccoli, 'cuz I don't discriminate in the life I will consume to sustain my own. :)


Anonymous said...

Chill out man! I'm a veggie but I have nothing against others eating meat - it's a free world.

I think maybe you've taken that bumper-sticker too literally - it was probably meant to be light-hearted.

Meat substitutes have come a long way in the past 10 years and those "Star-Trekkian style food" products have been on supermarket shelves for a number of years now, nutrients and all...

You'll give yourself a heart-attack stressing out over such trivial matters as other peoples life-styles. Maybe you should stick to the star stuff and not be too quick to judge others...

VAXHeadroom said...

Meat is just pre-processed vegetables. I'm on a vegetarian diet, I eat only vegetarians! (mostly because carnivores don't taste as good)
+1 Douglas, you hit the nail on the head with this one.

Anonymous said...

Said like someone who probably doesn't butcher the meat he eats. If you grew up on a farm where you raised and killed and ate the meat from animals, like I did, you'd have a better understanding of the difference between killing a mammal or bird and harvesting fruits and veggies. Not the same thing at all. Technically, a virus or insect is alive. But it wouldn't bother you to kill it. However, your FB friends are alive and you don't compare bugs to them.
On the face of this "rant" you are making a point. But when you look at this as an argument, it's standing on a weak premise.
Oh, and I'm not a vegetarian. I'm a mind-my-own-plate-a-tarian. Meaning I don't give a you-know-what what other people eat.

Douglas Mallette said...

Anon 2 - Awe, uninformed assumptions are so nice. I've been hunting, skinned my own meat, even made deer jerky before, so stick it.

I will mind my own plate just fine, as long as veggie nuts don't insult my choice because of their choice. See how that's fair play? Never mind, you don't have to answer that.

And did you actually bring cannibalism into this discussion. Oh, you are so cut off. lmao.

quetzy said...

lol, you made me laugh with today's post :)

Well, on a more serious note, I say to each his own, however people going the veggie way might want to consider that they're going against human biology here.

It's generations of meat-eating stored in our genes that you're trying to combat.
It can have unforeseen consequences, maybe not on you but on your children.
But again, to each his own. I will continue eating my meat (heck, I can feel the weakness in myself if I skip it for even a few days, but maybe I'm just ignorant in how to supplement it with vegetarian diet... I can't stand soy and tofu though so there's little hope for me :P), and I will thank the vegetarians for volunteering to be the test subjects for an alternative diet. Every test is +1 for science ;)

As long as we don't get on each other's throats, we'll both be better off - and who knows - maybe vegetarians are right? Time will tell.

From what I see, my bet is on meat though.

Anonymous said...

Fundamentalists of all stripes piss me off too.

If your interested in the topic, I'd highly recommend reading Michael Pollans's "the Omnivore's Dilemma"

Pollan makes the point that from an evolutionary perspective, eating farm animals actually saves them. In a sense, the animals have made a faustian bargain with humanity. We breed them, we eat them, but they survive as a species.

The thing is, we as a people need to create healthier ways to treat these creatures, as the factory farms currently force these animals into nutritional and environmental profiles that diverge from their evolutionary adaptations, which leads to health problems in them, and in us.

When humans are born without canines, I'll give up the meat. Until then, dentition is destiny. Now back to the space policy stuff!

Douglas Mallette said...
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Douglas Mallette said...

Anon - Good points. Consider this, that if we got rid of money, we'd also get rid of malls, shopping centers, business locations and bank towers that suck up huge amounts of land.

Returning all that land back to nature and creating OPEN farm systems would go a long way to making better, more healthy meats for the population.

Using technology to live like kings, but properly restore the planet back to nature as much as we can. Ideal.

Norman Copeland said...

Well, this song helps from a famous group from my region helps...


Anonymous said...

I'm not a vegetarian. What bugs me is the way many of these animals are raised, transported and forced to live their long lives. Some of these "farms" are just really screwed up. If for nothing else, they should be closed down for being potential breeding grounds for disease. We're gonna need to go local. It just has to happen. Sustenance = Local. Arts/Science = Global. While always maintaining respect for the autonomy of communities/states/nations.

Douglas Mallette said...

Anon - I agree with you there. This is yet another byproduct of beauty with the RBE economic system I'm growing very fond of.

If you got rid of money, you'd also get rid of all banking, commercial and retail locations. Just imagine how much real estate is sucked up by that alone. How much land is wasted on that? So, you bulldoze all that crap, open up the land back to nature, and have all livestock farms be open land farms.

There, now all animals are free to roam about during their lives, but it can still be computer controlled and monitored by sensors to be as efficient as possible. Yes, it's still animal farming for food, but it's more humane and you'd end up getting better meat out of it too.

Open land farming vs. industrial mechanized farming is a no brainer...the natural method have been shown to make better, more healthy food. Makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mallette,

I appreciate your vision for our future. But I would like to voice some of my concerns regarding your utopia. I'm of the mind that we should not waste. Yes, many things were created out of greed and excess. But I would like to see these blunders utilized to their full potential so as not to have been a total loss. After all, we imperfect humans are also part of nature. Five story parking garage? Convert it into a bird sanctuary or a mushroom farm. Aluminum storage structures? Dew harvesting for cleaner water.

I would also like to see areas where traditional forms of farming are kept alive and are allowed to trouble-shoot and evolve naturally. In a sense, these could be viewed as experimental farms. Although, in my mind these "ancient" traditions are imperative to our continued understanding of the universe.

Douglas Mallette said...

Anon - I hate the word Utopia. That assumes the system is perfect. That's bunk. There are always ways to do better and improve, so there is no final frontier or final state.

What the RBE is is simply a better system based on our advanced technological age. An evolved system, like how we evolved from trade and barter to money. Time to evolve from money to the RBE.

I do recommend you visiting the Venus Project website and go through the FAQ. After that, if you have more questions, let me know.