Friday, February 12, 2010

Social Evolution is Coming

Global resource utilization. Hmm, that sounds familiar. In this case, it's human resources all working together globally to achieve a goal, which is helping SETI search the universe for signals from another world. Great use of human power...mind power. Now, it does NOT require a large jump to notice this can also apply to all resources.

I'm telling you, for anyone stuck in the 50's, or even the 70's way of thinking, you're in for a rude awakening, because the majority of my generation and those before us are NOT products of selfishness and close mindedness.

We are children of a world that is more united than divided. We are part of a global community striving to be a universal community. We are part of something bigger than ourselves, and understand our place in the world of sharing ideas, processes and global talents for the betterment of the many, over the betterment of the self.

Our global connection enables a new mindset of collaboration over competition, of benefits to all humanity over asinine divisions among us, of true growth of the human condition over your self-destructive systems and old world ways. All of which will lead us to the stars, to a better home on Earth and to a future worthy of positive contemplation.

Social evolution is coming. Ride the wave or be drowned by it, for there is no sitting on the sidelines hoping it will simply pass.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Mallete,

I agree this is the way to go but even now i'm seeing natural, well meaning "globalism" that is undermining a budding unification. There needs to be a respect for differences in cultures before we can truly move forward. As difficult as it may be due to natural paranoia. Otherwise there will be decades (at least) of anger and war that will stifle any significant progress. This is a truth and challenge that cannot be avoided. National pride and Spiritual belief are nothing to be scoffed at. They demand great, and honest respect. Anything else would be great folly.

Douglas Mallette said...

Anon - I'll buy that, given the 7,000 plus years of land division by humanity as to separate one from another. Funny, from space, there are no borders. :)

But I do agree and understand your point. A funny thing though, such that if people of the world find themselves in a situation where food, shelter and all life essentials are provided for by the proper use of technology and global resource management, I'm certain a significant amount of strife will quickly disappear.

Why fight about anything when you have everything you need at a high quality level?

Norman Copeland said...

As I recently commented on another space/rocketry NASA blog, I think it is essential that we do share and moniter the knowledge that we work so hard to produce, it is such a worrying thing when people perpetrate hatred and treachery for greed.

The cold war between the soviet union and the rest of the world was an uncomfortable situation because our cultures were still worried about each other in a world that had started to use rockets for war.

No-one likes it, we are all patriotic, but, some people go to far and many of us would consider them extremists.

It's frightening to think that people would rather press buttons on each other than resolve discrepencies with resolute mature thinking.

A perfect example would be, the Italian mafia don's that the German SS ordered executed in Sicily before they started the war.

The Italian's [Musulini] sided with Adolf Hitler and thus capturing the townsman's labor/support from the countries union based operatives.

As was seen the American's then witnessed Sicilian gangsters that had escaped the execution order's and run to America dominating american economic systems.

Even the German and Jewish scientist's that escaped Germany that were instrumental perhaps, totally responsible for America's technology advancement during and after the war, do not forget what it is like to be among people who perpetrate hatred and violence towards *naturally* peaceful cultured people.

But, sadly, many rue, and many still fight against such racial segregation opinion's on the stance of america's human right's policy, China's human right's policy, and more importantly as I would continue to re-iterate,
a space policy that is not written, but, which we absolutely and vitally ''MUST'' recognise, a multi cultured racial demographic representing our world, which has matured and established itself utilising ''ALL'' manpower for the advancement of our race.

Douglas Mallette said...

Norman - One of the best damn comments I've ever read from you my friend. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but there are borders and from space it is most obvious. We've only recently connected with each other in earnest, first by flight and now through nearly instant information exchange and somewhat decent translation software. I wonder, how would we react to an alien race we encountered in the future? What if all their practices and rituals seemed bizarre and totally against our nature? Would we try to destroy them and try to undermine their society or just agree to disagree and promise not to mingle in each other's bizness?

Douglas Mallette said...

Anon - That depends I guess. If we are finally working together by then as a single human race, no longer subdivided by color or nationality, then I believe we'd be fully capable of letting things be, even if its weird to us.

Of course, this assumes the 'weird' practices of the aliens aren't negative towards us or our planet. After all, you still must protect yourself.

Norman Copeland said...

Anonymous. I have a lot of respect for every person in the world, particularly because they vote.

So, let's examine the fundamental's with our combined opinion's.

How would ''you'' react to an alien race 'who' ''you''encountered in the future?

How many people from little villages in the past communicated with alien races that were in their future, but, are now in our past?

'''What if all their practices and rituals seemed bizarre and totally against our nature?'''

Well, what if they were?

'''Would we try to destroy them and try to undermine their society or just agree to disagree and promise not to mingle in each other's bizness?'''

What 'is' business, who invented it, and doe's it work? That is what we have been debating?

Would business be important to alien's, or would intellectual capacity be more important for races that will be travelling the univese changing constantly because of the element exposure, for instance, away from sunlight will man turn red because of the iron in his blood stream?

Will he turn blue because of exposure to space plasma?

That is why we beleive we need every man possible available for 'defence' of our planet.

Because a lot of men don't understand that 6.7 billion people is a farce on the eve of space travel and exporting the difference's of our race in a universe that quite obviously has different species evolving.

I think it's safe to say, business?

Who cares.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I would be frightened. I would be paranoid even if they seemed peaceful because I wouldn't know if I could trust them. But having a brilliant historian as part of the crew, we would analyze all data available and decide either to interact with caution but good will, or leave it alone all together.

I believe all we can learn on earth and our past experiences on this fragile paradise will be comparable in some way to what we will encounter in the universe. Business, and economic systems in general, are part of our experience and shouldn't be tossed away as useless information.
Therefore, I care about it. And I care about the differences in our cultures. And you know what? I have a feeling an alien race would be downright fascinated. Intrigued to the point where they may want to trade knowledge.
Unless they're total assholes and unceremoniously unleash the gamma ray on us. But what can you do, eh? Word of advice to potential future generations: don't get greedy and try to screw aliens over cuz you think they're stupid, it'll come back to bite you in yer galactic ass.

Marcel F. Williams said...

Just found this 2009 article on the cost of developing and operating a lunar base. Its very interesting:

Douglas Mallette said...

Frightened Anon - Love your last line. The best way for future generations to not be greedy is to remove that aspect from our society, starting with the culprit of it all, money.

Marcel - All that cost, money shifted around from governments to companies, back to governments, with marginal effect on the average person directly, save for the great technologies that end up being developed. And even then, I'm noticing a lot of advanced technologies not being used for everyday products, because 'costs' are high. Stupid costs.

Yeah, I'm pretty much done with this archaic economic system.

Norman Copeland said...


Anonymous, your philosophical declaration has a maturity tinge of wisdom... The intriguing thing is words move to parabol's and when the brain has done the arithmetic in an acrobatic way, sums sometimes do not tally even if they are the same because the dimension has changed and it's really difficult to explain when the world's thinking process is operating on another level.

We all know the answer's, it is falacy that we chose to let hinder us for the sake of softness, but, to remain true to a truth form is to be a leader and our leaders are much further ahead than the average person realise's.

In that context we exist in different time frame's doing the sums at different rates for different agendas.

I am just a simple man, but, I appreciate another man's philosophy when he does not seek to hide it.

That my friend is the progenitor of fear, and that race I do not want to belong to...

But, like you said, what do we do?

Philosophize at each other until a concensus emerge's... Or just be happy if the world grant's a man a woman.

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug,

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