Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Pledge

I pledge allegiance to humanity of which we are all a part of,
And to the cosmos in which we live,
One world, undivided, with prosperity and life for all.

Time to expand human thinking to be something more than just immediate geographical location. We are all made of star stuff, we shall all return to star stuff, and it's about time we all start recognizing the plethora of things we have in common, instead of focusing on the few contrived and falsely propped up things that divide us.


Shane Kula said...

Great sentiment, Doug!

Norman Copeland said...

On other planet's that that have not been terraformed yet animals will be waiting to be told when man has supplied them with arrible space for breeding and eating, obviously with correct temperature and air supplies.

My oath is to seek to maintain gods kingdom.