Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If I Were President

Scary thought, no? :) But, I need to vent. Here is what I would do on a few topics if I were in charge:

Jobs and Economy:

Science and Technology is the present AND the future. It is time to usher in the 21st Century, and the best way to do so is to embrace the advancement of humanity in every way possible.

1. A REAL Infrastructure Project: First figure out where the top 20 cities in the nation are that export the greatest amount of goods to the rest of the nation, our nations top 20 producing cities. This is a national distribution thing, not an international shipping thing. Now, make every one of those cities a hub for a major MagLev Rail Station and connect all of those cities with each other by building an advanced MagLev High Speed Rail system.

To do this, LOAN...not give, but LOAN money to the private sector to facilitate the construction of the system in 20 years or less. Get it done fast. Those companies have to pay back the loan at a very mild interest rate. This is exactly what the government did for the construction of the intercontinental railroad, so let's employ it again. The government will take the money gained and ONLY use it to buy down the national debt, and the nation establishes a major high-tech, low pollution, reliable and advanced transportation system that travels nearly as fast as an airplane (~300mph), but at a far less operational cost. It's also quiet, requires no gas or oil, and can run constantly 24/7/365.

Nuclear power facilities would be appropriately built to cover the energy requirements of the system so as not to strain the existing grid. The design, construction and operation of this system would employ vast numbers of people immediately in a variety of well paying jobs and help drastically reduce domestic shipping costs. It's also a long term project, stimulating employment over a long period of time.

2. NASA and NewSpace: Have NASA, its research partners and its international partners focus on building the Moon Base (and invite CHINA and INDIA to help!), establishing the Lunar living facilities, water reclamation and distribution system, transportation system and a fuel manufacturing, storing and distribution system. Rely heavily on robotic construction practices as much as possible before sending humans to tidy up the place.

As its envisioned now, have NewSpace assume LEO operations to and from the ISS and any other orbiting platform (Bigelow Hotel, etc) in a LEO orbit, but also have them work on building all the spacecraft to get to the Moon, but don't design them for just a Moon trip. Design them as if they were going to Mars.

This would be funded by 50/50 LOANS that the companies would pay back over time, much like how we'd establish the MagLev Transportation System. What I mean by 50/50 is that the government would match every dollar the private industry would raise, assuring the companies have a vested interest is not blowing government money, because they'd be out a lot as well. The companies can use those rockets for whatever they want, but they must give free rides to the government to bring all the Lunar Infrastructure items to the Moon, and provide a certain number of initial NASA Astronaut trips. After that, NASA maintains an operational, science and research division on the base while NewSpace is the taxi paid to get them there, as well as other paying customers who wish to go, NOT just NASA.

Additionally, reform ITAR so that private space companies can work with international partners in the same way the governments work with each other. The peaceful commercialization, exploration and development of space is NOT a national defense issue. Missiles, bombs and guns belong on ITAR, not peaceful space transportation systems. Also ensure that there are reasonable regulations in place that govern the commercial space industry responsibly, but that aren't overtly restrictive.

These two things will not only upgrade America to the 21st Century in a hurry, but employ tens of thousands of people in the process, with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math, pushing our youth to embrace those fields. As the nation goes, so go our youth.

Environment and Energy:

Stop cutting down trees to build houses! How stupid is that in today's technologically advanced world? You want to help the environment, start by replacing 19th Century methods with 21st Century ones. Part of the Lunar Base program is to develop advanced construction techniques WITHOUT the use of wood, in faster amounts of time, and with less waste! This would be employed on Earth to drastically reduce construction costs, improve living conditions and help under developed nations to develop.

Also, as noted earlier, build Nuclear Power Plants to reduce our dependence on oil, domestic AND foreign oil, and put serious focus into all forms of renewable energy (solar, space based solar, wind, tidal, wave, geothermal, etc). Require that every major city be 25% (or more) powered by renewable energy by 2030. Use colleges, universities, private industry and part of the military budget to facilitate this endeavor. After all, everyone says energy is a national defense issue, so use national defense money to help get it done.

Health Care:

4 simple bills with absolutely NO additions, attachments, pork or ANYTHING added to them, at all. Short, simple and to the point legislation. I know, hard to fathom these days, but possible if the public is involved and eyeballing the process, especially if this is stated publicly right off the bat so that everyone knows what's expected.

1. Tort Reform Bill, fixing all the legal garbage that financially inflates the health care industry.
2. Insurance Portability Bill, allowing health insurance to be just like car insurance, where you can get and use your coverage in any state.
3. Pre-existing Condition Bill, preventing insurance companies for being bastards and denying people who need coverage, or drastically inflating their costs after they get sick. The purpose of insurance is to protect you when you get sick, not screw you after you've gotten sick.
4. Medical Record Digitization Bill, using the internet and proper military style security to completely digitize all medical records, saving a load of paper, and allowing any doctor anywhere to bring up your medical records from a database. Never again would you have to fill out any forms whatsoever when visiting any doctor, anywhere. They can bring you up in the system in seconds. And if the military can protect its digital infrastructure, then they can help create a protected health care records digital infrastructure.

There...done. Now watch the costs drop!

Well, there you go. This should stir up some conversation. :)


Anonymous said...

You would probably be assassinated for going against the wishes of your masters. Just as Kennedy was for issuing US Notes bypassing the private bank the federal reserve.

You don't do what the banking elite want, you die.
They don't want what you propose otherwise it would have already happened.

Face it, we're slaves now.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure someone will point out any flaws but I like all your points. Well done! It would be a great domestic policy. Unfortunatly to get anything done you've got to work with Congress too. You'll need to get like minded people into Congress or maybe if you could clone yourself...

Anonymous #1

WTF? If you truly feel like a slave, free yourself and move to another country of your choosing!


Marcel F. Williams said...

Some excellent proposals. Are you familiar with the Green Freedom concept to use nuclear power to manufacture gasoline, methanol, diesel fuel and aviation fuel from CO2 from the atmosphere and hydrogen from water?

Also, check out my health care solution at:

Anonymous said...

anonymous #2 aka sheeple slave:

You sound like you have been watching too much of the brainwash tube lately.

The Freeman said...

Not bad. Although I wouldn't want to see more Nuclear Power Plants, I can certainly see the benefit of having them. If anything I would pour more into research of renewable sources. After all it takes quite a few people just to service a windfarm, and even more so if it's offshore.

I wouldn't stop using wood in home construction, but rather reduce the dependence on it for the bulk of framing. Part of the reason why wood is still used is because it is renewable (although not in the amount we use it by), and because of its naturally occuring strengths. Concrete and steel maybe stronger, but wood has the flexability the others don't. Bamboo is an extraordinary example of a natural advantage. Saying that, you are right that we should be able to manufacture material to build more affordable housing, but I think it would be more realistic to supplement the use of wood, rather than remove it outright, and it would still reduce costs.

Lastly, if you were the Prez, I would totally agree with you on the health care reform issue when it comes to insurance. I've got free health care where I'm at so it's not a big issue, but I've heard a few health care horror stories from people I've met in the US, and I'm glad I'm in the system I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1

Sorry I flamed over your first remark. Please tell us how we are all slaves, who we are slaves too and why we can't free ourselves, with proof not conjecture and conspiricy theories please.


Douglas Mallette said...

Anon 1 - That's why you spread the word and deeds over the internet and keep yourself in the limelight. But you're right, the banking cartel doesn't want anything that is genuinely right or humanitarian to affect their power and control. Gotta break them from the inside out. :)

As for being slaves...we're just slaves to money, and nothing more.

Anon 2 'David' - Working with Congress is easy if you call them out on national TV. No more Mr. Nice Guy! :) Slam them all for being petty and selfish. Besides, none of my policies require extra money. No additional spending, just a refocusing of certain areas.

Marcel - Thanks. Nope, never heard of Green Freedom. No matter, I can't stand the thought of burning anything in today's world. Everything should be electric. And screw air travel...I want 2,000 MPH Maglev bullet trains (housed in vacuum tunnels to achieve those speeds) that are interconnected throughout the main continents, under the ocean on the sea floor or just slightly above that. No pollution at all and WICKED fast.

As for your health care solution, I love it! Make a video about it and Youtube it! Get that plan out there. It's so logical and simple, it will confuse the hell out of Congress! lmao.

The Freeman - The nuke plants are a temporary filler until we get all the wind, solar, geothermal, tidal and wave systems online. Then shut those babies down.

What's with the love of wood? lmao. Why use something that so readily burns, or has to be chemically treated with nasty stuff to become inflammable. How about carbon fiber 2x4's and similar materials for the homes. Hell, carbon nanotube material extrusions of entire houses can be done, which are flexible enough and totally fire proof.

Norman Copeland said...

A president gives his decisions based on modern sociology and it's integrity considering it's attitude, I beleive we all owe it to our government's to put the work in and doing so based upon our true desire's, it is in that we we learn to realise our feeling's worthyness.

For example, a woman loves a man and so she cooks him a meal, but, where doe's the relationship go stale? When he get's bored of the same old dinner?

So, my opinion suggest's that we 'must' keep working at the fundamental's to maintain position. Walking into the future is one thing, but, planning to walk into the future can be something else.

As an experienced professional I realise that being nice on duty and being professional can be different thing's, as an engineer would consider I beleive it's vital for continuing exposure to the environmental difference's particularly cultural difference's.

An example of people that I want to work with at some stage, we all bring things to the table.

[This was after I had spoken to Brian Shiro about professor Masaru Emoto's work on the changing molecular structure's of snowflake's when they are spoken to or sung to].

Douglas Mallette said...

Norman, I need to work with you on your spelling and grammar. Sheesh! lmao. Put point taken.