Friday, February 26, 2010

Dry and Quiet Space Industry

Well, aside from mass conversation about NASA, Congress, Ares and NewSpace, which is pretty much boring me to death right about now, there's not a lot going on in the space industry. STS-130 went well, and the new view the ISS has is amazing (reminds me of looking out a TIE Fighter window), but even that doesn't really get much pub these days.

Blue Origin peeked its head out from the cave for a bit, and landed a small article on, but it wasn't very informative. Hush hush.

Virgin Galactic isn't doing much from what I can see, nothing press worthy anyway. Spaceport America is simply under construction, so no special news there either.

SpaceX is prepping for it's Falcon 9 test with wet runs, a static test fire, and whatever logistics they need to iron out with the Air Force and NASA, hopefully to launch in May, but this isn't really new or special news. The special news will be when they launch the darn thing.

Otherwise, there is nothing much going on. Isn't that sad. We have a whole globe loaded with space people who want great things to happen, and the strongest story point in the world is Government Space vs. Commercial Space in the USA, and the prospect of Russia jacking up Soyuz travel costs after the Shuttle goes away. :(

I go to every now and then to read research papers, but that would bore most people to death. It takes a special breed of nutjob to get into papers "On the angular momentum transport due to vertical convection in accretion discs." lol. Or "Micron-scale Fast Electron Filamentation and Recirculation determined from Rear Side Optical Emission in High Intensity Laser-Solid Interactions." Anyone ever wonder why research paper titles are so darn long? :)

Anyway, where's the news on plasma drives, or anti-gravity research, or what the hell is going on with CERN? Details, not bullet points. This is something I'd love to learn about, but I bet most of it is classified or under ground. So sad. Well, I hope something amazing happens soon, because it's awfully dry and boring around here right now.

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Doug said...

Cool article on VASIMR at Discovery