Monday, January 4, 2010

My Reply to Anonymous

My reply to a comment on my "Money - What is it good for?" article. It was too big to post in the comments, so I decided to make it its own article. You'll have to go to the "Money" article to see the comments that were made, even though I've included the majority of them in the body of this post.

Anonymous - I love getting comments from people who don't identify themselves, then attack what I've written. It shows a certain lack of conviction in your statements if you won't step up and identify yourself. Nevertheless, let's proceed.

1. "Brother, if you ain't bustin you own ass to take care of your own family then you must have the luxury of being financially independent."

You are wrong. Did you not read my profile just to the left of this article? I do work hard, every day, to support my family. I struggle with debt, bills and the basics of life just like everyone else, but I should not have too. No one should. If I was financially independent, do you think I'd advocate for the abolition of the Monetary System? That wouldn't make sense, would it?

2. 'freedom shortage'

Are you really free? I live in America too...again, it's on my profile...but am I free to peacefully go where I want, when I want? I would love to see the Grand Canyon, or go to Paris, but I am significantly limited by what I can AFFORD. We are slaves to money. Money holds far too many of us back from being worldly citizens of the Earth, from attaining the highest levels of education, and from being truly free.

3. "Dictators, warlords, elite class of Communism, Marxism does not allow the free distribution of foods to the masses..."

You are absolutely correct that dictators of the past have ruined, abused and destroyed what would otherwise be a perfectly fair and legitimate social construct. The problem has always been the people running the show, not the show itself. With today's technology, people can be removed from the loop, making it completely fair and just for all.

However, money is far worse. How, you may ask? First, I go back to my previous point, that money enslaves us. But let's also look at the fact that money is fake. It's made up out of thin air by governments, ESPECIALLY the United States, but when you borrow it, you are obligated to pay back not just the fake money that was shoved into the system, but also additional money in the form of interest. Where does that come from? And make sure you educate yourself on how the current monetary system works before you say something ill informed.

4. "I don't know what country you're from but America gives more than any other country in the world when it comes to humantarian need."

I'm in Houston...again, on the profile. Yes we do, and I have stated that time and again, but has it really helped? Seriously? With all the "money" we have, why the hell is there a single homeless or hungry person in this nation? It's simple: 's not profitable to build homes for free and provide proper conditions for everyone.

5. "I for one am not guilty because I work and provide for my family."

Nor should you be. We are all products of a system that raises us to do just that, be proper workers for the almighty dollar such that we can afford to live, and maybe have some fun. Some get lucky and acquire great wealth, sometimes for very little work. Some work hard all their life, busting their knuckles, but barely support their families and can't send their kids to college. How is that right?

The system is fundamentally flawed, and it has nothing to do with how hard you work, how much you donate, or how good your intentions are.

6. "You go on this rant about how making money is the problem... so what is the answer? you never told us..."

I'll cover that last, since it's the most important point.

7. "You brag about how great and how far we've come - what do you think got us there? The ability for a free man to own and sell his own production and surplus... using money... money is not a piece of paper - it only represents YOUR OWN LABOR and intellectual property - a God Given Right to utilize the property as you see fit..."

WRONG! What got us here were people like Isaac Newton, who developed advanced math and physics that enabled others to invent technologies to better humanity, all without the desire for monetary gain.

It was people like Galileo, who risked his life against persecution from the CHURCH for believing and proving the Earth rotated around the Sun. Such open minded people...the Church.

Name me any scientist or engineering visionary who became wealthy from their labor? No, it was other people who used those gifts for personal gain, off the backs of others, that have amassed the wealth of the world while screwing many others in the process.

I think our best God Given Right is our ability to want to help others, even without monetary gain. You've shown yourself to be a Church going man, so did God create money, or did man? What's more important, doing the right thing, or holding onto a Monetary System that separates people between the have's and the have not's? We give of ourselves all the time. You yourself mentioned the effort you put into helping others. Why? Do you need money to do that? In fact, you SPENT money to do that. A line in the Lord's Prayer sums this up quite nicely: Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven. Why are we not striving to make Earth like heaven?

Do we need money to be nice and to do the right thing? I don't think so. Then why do we need money to live, when everything we need can be easily provided for through the proper global use of advanced technology? If you are willing to give to help someone in need, then why can't we use a system that is automatically designed to help everyone live comfortably without stress, strain or anguish?


Back on Monday the 21st of December I posted an article called "Time Must be Spared for Self Education." Here's the direct link:

At the end of that article are several links to videos that explain exactly what the problem is, in greater detail than a post ever would, and also gives the solution, also in greater detail than a post ever would. You really only need to watch the first video to get the point, but the other videos add greatly to the concept. The link is here:

The challenge is up to you. Are you willing to spend some time watching the video to learn, or are you just content to rag on me in a blog and not take the time to look at the solution I've given you, the one you asked for? The ball is in your court, brother.


Alyn Alyx said...

Haven't watched the video yet Doug, but your commentary about money was excellent. Unfortunately enough our world is still running on ancient programming and some twisted, deceitful mechanisms at this point in history. I like how you write about normal things. It's nice to hear the rocket scientist-mind break it down. You make a very rational argument. Money is is the blood that runs the system, but the system is designed and behaving like a self-destructing drug addict where money is the drug and those abusing others policy-wise are doing it from dangerously insulated positions of/for profit. Not pretty. Not cool.

There is no reason mankind should be allowed/designed to function in such a primitive state with the technology and minds at our disposal. We need to raise the bar on humanity. I wish we could raise the caliber of human beings at the same time. Imagine a world where everyone had genius I.Q.'s and even near perfect genetics.

It would be an entirely different planet, but the scariest thing of all is, the current system is designed to get worse and worse, not correct itself. That's going to be a problem. :(

Alyn Alyx said...

Aha. The Zeitgeist Orientation. Good thing you reminded me, I hadn't finished watching this one.

Have you seen this one?

It's excellent.

Alyn Alyx said...

And this one...

The Freeman said...

I'm there with you on the money issue. If anything throughout history has acted as a catalyst for destruction, it's been the almighty dollar. I'm not sure if you've read about the Venus Project, but they pretty much sanction exactly what you're talking about.

Just think of what it will be like when we go from using paper money and coin to the wonderful system of e-money. Nothing but bits in the system to shift around, and take away if you get out of line.


Douglas Mallette said...

Alyn Alyx - Thanks for the complements. If you like the way I write about this, you should read my space advocacy book. :) One of your comments didn't work right and could not be posted, but here's the link you posted:

If we go to an RBE system, humanity will have no choice but to evolve to a higher level, and I believe "perfect genetics" simply to be strong healthy humans, regardless of race, gender or anything else that we focus on so much these days. People are people. No need for additional B.S. labels.

Additionally, we'd remove the restraints that hold so many people back from advancing their education, and I truly believe science and technology would take center stage as the knowledge of choice. Every money based job would go away, which probably accounts for half of the worlds job market. Another chunk of jobs would go away due to automation and technological advancements. You'd free up almost the entire planet population to focus and pursue one goal, the advancement of the species, science, technology and exploration (space and undersea). I'm all for that!

The Freeman - If you look at the links I've provided, you'll see that TVP is exactly what I'm talking about. :)

Norman Copeland said...


I think you should mention the relevence of sport's, music and travel among the jobs for people who perhaps chose the persuit of money.

[reorganised like george orwells book 1984 ''the ministries'']

I myself chose gemmology and minerology as opposed to professional sports.

Actually my best friend throughout school from the age of 5 continued to and went on to practice professional football at the highest level, he now teach's back therapy maintenance for 'right' professional sportman and recieved his training in california...

Douglas Mallette said...

Not sure how that fits Norman. In the RBE there is no money, so any pursuit you do is because you're passionate about it, not for monetary gain. You'll have everything you possibly need to live, and live at a high level, so whatever you choose to do is truly altruistic.

A musician would make music to share with the world, not for money. An artist for the same reasons. Science and Engineering would be revered occupations, as every technological advancement is applied throughout to world to everyone, thereby advancing the human condition of everyone, the best reward.

All of the above are more important than the money which so many covet like religion.

Norman Copeland said...

Well, I think that, if a double solid rocket booster jettisons at 24/41 miles then parashutes tail first and lands in the ocean approximately 140 miles from launch while 30 foot floating above water with a 4.9 mile light visibility, 71.5 percent fuel used to accomplish the maneuver is really a philishophical exibition of explaining the steps of evolving techniques which many people
from different walks of life perhaps have not learnt the order which presents the merit.

Attitude to all professionalism can be learnt, but, when a student actually seeks to excell many adjustments could be appropriate for the 'area office' requirements, particularly considering peoples imagination and monkeying around that often occurs during the sorting of professional status. Thorough breds no not of what is not thorough.

Like I've said...

Who dares wins]...

Norman Copeland said...

Before this topic is confined to the ranks I thought this video could warrant it's place on the file.