Thursday, January 14, 2010

Contour Crafting - Amazing Tech We Need Now

If there was ever a time when technology like this should be put into full scale use, the time is now. With the recent Haitian disaster, is doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that technology like this can be put to amazing use in rebuilding Haiti at a drastically reduced overall cost.

No, this can't help the rescue and recovery effort, but it can help significantly on rebuilding. However, I must note that this technology was available a few years ago, albeit in its infancy, but available for serious development. There is no reason why we could not have employed its use in fortifying Haiti in advance of this disaster.

People will site money as the problem, but we're having no problem coming up with money now, are we? It seems millions of dollars are available after the fact. Where was this logical investment beforehand? Haiti has a history of major earthquakes every 200 years or so, so it's not a stretch to assume that living in shacks and on unstable landscapes is a sure way to lose large numbers of lives when something like this happens, and it was bound to happen. Sometimes I think the world is an ostrich with its head in the sand. Only when the crap hits the fan do we look around for the source of the smell.

Now we are left scrambling, building up funds through the amazing donations of the American people, even as we ourselves struggle with our own economic woes. Funny thing about America, no matter how much the world bashes us for whatever reason, we always step up to help in significant ways when disasters like this strike anywhere in the world. It just so happens that this time it's in our own back yard.

I advocate that we bring this technology to the public eye, for the rebuilding of Haiti. The costs would be amazingly low compared to any current rebuilding systems. Can you imagine clearing the rubble, possibly recycling it, and then building a fully functional house every 24 hours, one after the other? 7 houses a week by just one system, building solid structures, not shacks, nonstop via a solar powered automated robotic system. Technology put to use at its best when people need it the most! Now imagine several of these bad boys on the ground doing great things.

Contact the media about this technology. Make it public, make it viable, make it happen! Contact Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis and let him know there is support to make his invention mainstream, to help Haiti and help us all. His email is:

Don't just sit there with Haiti in your thoughts and prayers. DO SOMETHING! If you can't contribute money, then contribute time and support the development of a technology that drastically reduces construction costs, enables rapid building in short amounts of time, and can make a significant difference in the world we live in.


Berok Khoshnevis said...

Dear Mr. Mallette,

As the inventor of Contour Crafting I cannot thank you enough for the supporting words. The reality is that I have been spinning my wheels trying to get moderate funding to bring this technology to the realm of use. There are many luxury houses in our big cities priced several million dollars. I have not been able to get even a fraction of the cost of those houses from funding agencies to advance a technology that can change the future of housing for ever.

I would appreciate any help your readers can give us in connecting us to a potential funding source.

Berok Khoshnevis
Professor of Engineering
University of Southern California

Norman Copeland said...

Hello Douglas, and welcome Professor Khoshnevis...

I have been thinking about the potential for faster more economical housing for a modern era for some years, if not for the fact of new housing/building companies using cheaper materials that are prone to cracking quicker, but, for the issues involving subsidence problems.

The use of effiency structured building techniques alleviates building labour costs, saves time and potentially becuase of large block building structure is an advancement in building solid houses because of improved integrity.

It's obvious that many businessman would of sought some sort of similiar process. I have seen a company in Spain which is Directed by an English partnership utilise polystyrene blocks which are then filled with concrete using the same process that the animation on the web address shows.

It is a quick way of doing things, but, my interest as a potential investor would be what sort of planning permission is required for the assessment of using block building techniques, how have the tested models performed [an animation of subsidence and earthquake tollerance should be provided], and what is the average modorate climate life expentancy for the structure architecture favoured [I personally would see that as the selling stance].

Now, this is the league which interest's me as someone involved with the space business...

How heavy is the equipment needed for building each city?

The neccessary business plan should include payload weights for the number of rocket journey's needed to deliver the building equipment?

i.e cost per city [you will be competing with other companies who have done their homework].

What sort of solar power would be used for in wall heating and underflooring heating, i.e what satillites will be utilised?

What sort of roofing will be available for heat management of the housing [and small rock protection from falling objects] i.e the moons surface has a high sodium count which suggest's that a plastic material would be suitable.

I imagine that a universal building structure would be capable of strong roof protection and be capable of Ground movement soaking ability while maintaining the structures integrity.

Thats the house needed.

When I did my sums, I estimated 10, 15,000 pounds.

per house, on the moon per 1st city.

That was 4 years ago, lots of people are still waiting for the development of larger payload rocket lifters and commercial LEO [low earth orbit] delivery systems and infrastructures.

I guess that gives a lot of companies who have not founded their companies yet another 2 or 3 years to tweak the business plan...

Norman Copeland.

Norman Copeland said...

For anyone interested in the rudiments to consider, this video has the basic planning requirements to think about...

Sophie ellis Bexter [who is a friend of some of my friends] is an excellent modern era universe educated socio quantum bof...

Anonymous said...

Rebuild Haiti, what a laugh.

We are now occupying Haiti under the guise of helping out the earthquake victims so we can have at all the oil and minerals we found out they have.

And this talk about the possible cause actually being a weapon that can cause quakes, it would not surprise me because our government is corrupt to the core

Douglas Mallette said...

Anon - Another wild statement by someone who doesn't identify themselves. Haiti needs occupying, at least right now. Hell, it needed it years ago, since it can't effectively run itself, but with proper global support, it should be okay...maybe. Depends on if the corrupt government really cares. In this, we agree, that corruption on many levels distorts our better judgment.