Friday, December 11, 2009

You Want the Economic Impact?! You Can't Handle the Economic Impact!

This is a must read! Yes, it's from 1992, and there should be another study like this done today, but the data in here is astounding!

Many people ask about the benefits of the space industry in these hard economic times, and far too many subscribe to the ludicrous argument that we should spend money on Earth rather than on space. It's a false argument, because it's not like we're launching cash and having it orbit the planet serving no use. The money is spent here, at companies on Earth (in America), that employ great people with diverse educational backgrounds, to create systems that operate in space. The location of use isn't Earth, but the foundations ARE from Earth.

From the small electronics manufacturer in Illinois to the big Boeing corporation, there are more pieces to the space industry puzzle than many people realize. Special thanks for Marcel (blog viewer and contributor) for bringing this to my attention.

Read this and understand...

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Marcel F. Williams said...

I also highly recommend reading the book:

Mining the Sky: Untold Riches from the Asteroids, Comets, and Planets

by John S. Lewis;
Perseus Publishing;
(September 1997)

Lewis notes that if we divided the total wealth of the asteroids only between Mars and Jupiter, amongst every person on Earth, each individual's share would come out to be more than $100 billion dollars! And even these resources are dwarfed by the Trojan and Greek asteroids.

Douglas Mallette said...

The more we can get this kind of information out, the more it becomes obvious to the general public that we REALLY support space, and not just give it lip service.