Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama Meets with Bolden (and Pelosi is a Bonehead)

Much ado about nothing really. There were no real announcements as it happened later in the day, so there was no real contribution to the press briefing. So they met, which I guess could be considered a good thing, but I want to touch on what Pelosi said.

Nancy Pelosi is an idiot. Oh, I'm sorry, was that not politically correct? Too bad. Stupid is as stupid does, or as stupid says. As the above article quotes her, “I have not been a big fan of manned expeditions to outer space, in terms of safety and cost.” This woman has absolutely NO fraggin' clue what space means to the advancement to humanity. She only cares about the advancement of herself.

She's happy to spend billions on a socialized medical system, which throughout history has been shown to be a huge mistake for the future condition of the people it's supposed to help, which in and of itself incurs major cost and safety risk, but she's willing to cast aside human space exploration using the excuse of cost and safety. What a hypocrite.

Without human exploration of space, we would not have achieved MANY of the major technological advancements that help people every day. Many medical advancements are a direct result of human space exploration, including medical systems, technologies and even biological analysis. The lessons learned from putting people in space directly affects how we diagnose and treat people here on Earth, and this moron Senator doesn't have the foggiest clue, nor do I think she cares about that fact.

It's FACT! Not trumped up B.S. It's FACT! For the life of me, I cannot fathom why the people of California constantly elect such a myopic dolt, unless many of them truly share the same perspective. If that's the case, I do hope California falls into the ocean. It's obvious she doesn't have any significant care for the future of this country, unless that future means more power for her, her party and government in general.

Nancy Pelosi, you're a bonehead. You don't have a clue, you never have and I venture to say that you never will. Fortunately you have not managed to take away free speech (yet), so I proudly sit here and say this, and I'd gladly say it right to your face. Human space exploration is not only beneficial, but necessary for the survival of the human race.

Space can solve many of the key issues we're facing today, such as the economy, employment, education, environment, energy, international relations and more!

It's about time "We the People" start to put people in Washington D.C. who understand this fact and look to make America a space faring nation.

It's about time "We the People" push and demand that our growth is not based on banking, investments and "invisible money" bubbles that can/will pop, but that it's based on solid production, true advancement and sustainable growth.

It's about time that "We the People" strike now, strike often, and strike true with our message, our votes and our demands.

It's about time that "We the People" start acting like "We the People" and do what is right for the future our our children and generations to come.

Let's get it done!


Marcel F. Williams said...

Personally, I think Pelosi has a point if all we want to do in space is to allow an elite few to explore the heavens. Its much safer and cheaper to use robots to explore the solar system than to use humans.

But if we want to enhance the survival of our species by expanding our civilization beyond the Earth while also making some money while we’re there, then manned space travel is essential!

Once NASA finally articulates to the public that its primary goal is to help expand human civilization beyond the environment of the extremely fragile planet that we live on then NASA will be showered with money and support from the public and the politicians, IMO.

Why? Because in the 2.5 million years of the genus Homo, that’s all we’ve ever done! Its part of our natural instinct to expand and colonize new regions– even in hostile and periodically frigid areas like Europe and North America:-)

But there's a tendency for women to be much less supportive of the space program than men. But I think the practicality of manned space colonization and commercialization over-- space adventurism-- could change the female perspective on this matter.

Douglas Mallette said...

Marcel - Don't give her any credit, you know she's not thinking about the robots vs. humans argument. I think once we pass many space exploration tasks off to Commercial Space and let them develop, and just have NASA focus on the "crazy" stuff, we'll see a significant expansion of our capabilities and the wonderful technologies developed as a result.

I do agree that we need to push space industrialization, resource management and colonization much more than tourism. It needs to be viewed as a place to live and work, not just visit.

QuantumG said...

Doug, I recommend you advocate for space and leave the political opinions about health care out of it. There's no need to alienate the part of your audience that thinks the current US health care system is horrid or welcomes an alternative. Sometimes that's what advocacy is about, setting aside your differences to focus on the message.

Douglas Mallette said...

QuantumG - Well, the analogy fits. It's not so much political, but factual. I want health care reformed too. Four simple solutions fix that:

1. Allow insurance companies to cross state borders and be nationally available, like car insurance.

2. Allow people to keep insurance at same rates when they leave jobs, no Cobra.

3. Tort reform so we kill frivolous lawsuits.

4. Eliminate pre-existing condition limits.

That's the thing about me, I'll tell it like I see it, like it or not. Generally, I don't go into politics though. Space is apolitical as far as I'm concerned.

Marcel F. Williams said...

The premium based model is horribly inefficient, IMO.

A Federal Medical Savings account system where the government, employers, and yourself could continuously dump funds into a personal savings account would be the simplest and most efficient system, IMO.

Singapore uses Medical savings accounts as a large component of their universal health care system and they spend nearly seven times less per individual on health care than the US even though they have a higher per capita GDP than the US, a lower rate of infant mortality, and a longer rate of longevity than US citizens.

China has been attempting to emulate the Singapore system in a couple of their provinces and now they appear to be ready to expand it to other areas of China including Hong Kong.

Norman Copeland said...

I beleive your opinion regarding this issue to be appropriate to an audience that has not yet comprehended the significance of modern medicine. I see the issue Douglas is brushing, but, beleive that a community that is space exploration educated, focused and concentrated perhaps themselves haven't yet seen the connection between the modern day issues that effect government spending.

I think it's totally appropriate for Douglas to suggest that an immediate link between medicine in America and America's human space programme exists.

Though, intrinsically I agree with you. Because I do see the connection with ease because I am watching the entirety of government action, knock on effect, procedure and legislation it perhaps is not neccessarily true of the average prolitarian and for that stance perhaps Douglas has not estimated the gross quotient of the target audience basic civilian knowledge.

As space enthusiasts and industry professionals though, I would expect Douglas's exercise of opinion to be entirely understood at senetor and above levels.

Perhaps thats something for an employee of NASA to consider [with respecet Douglas].

Anyway... As you perhaps have the knowledge of that I am an Englishman I wouyld use this opportunity to settle the conversation...

An Englishman in America is giving free medic health care.


Just like our system...

Have a nice day...