Friday, December 4, 2009

My Letter to the White House

I am sending this every day, maybe even a few times a day, until I get a solid reply and not some generic automated reply. :) If you wish to use this email and reference me as the author, go right ahead. The more people we have to hammer this message to the White House, the better the odds of its implementation, and the success of our future. I am more than willing to be the front man on this endeavor.


I will send this email every day until I get a reply that it's been received and reviewed. I am not trying to be rude, but heard and recognized. I offer a serious solution that must be considered.

For many of our concerns today there is one strong solution. Not every problem requires a special unique solution. Sometimes, you can hit several flies with just one swat.

What we have right now is a lack of focus on long term production. The shovel ready projects (bridges and roads) that were the core of the Stimulus Package are very short term jobs and limited in scope and scale. What we need is a larger full scale project, or projects, that employ hundreds of thousands of people over the course of decades, but which also serves a purpose for the future of this nation and our growth as a society.

Public/Private Space Exploration and Development serves this purpose. To stay within the 2,500 character limit, I’ll omit details, but I do have them. In short, what is needed are lofty, high value, audacious goals the whole nation can benefit from, like a Moon Base, an asteroid mission to review prospects for mining resources and a project to help private industry develop Space Based Solar Power concepts, the ultimate in green energy.

This approach doesn’t necessarily require large govt. spending. The govt. made loans to the Union and Central Pacific RR's to build the Intercontinental Railroad, so why can't we do the same today to build a space infrastructure between the Moon and the Earth? The government can actually make money on the projects.

What issues can this course of action help solve? The Economy, Employment, Education, Energy and International Relations.

This is a real solution with unlimited potential. It would also put America back in the drivers seat as the worlds leader in taking on amazing challenges, but challenges that offer a better life for everyone in the world. How would you feel being the President who started this and made America become a space faring nation? I would be honored to go into further detail if you're interested Mr. President. You have my email.


Douglas Mallette
Space Shuttle Systems Engineer
Space Advocacy Speaker
Author: Turning Point


Norman Copeland said...

It is certainly productive to be a regular letter sender to the local politicians, probably because this is how politics works for the people who do actually want to be involved with the decisions of the country.

I'm not sure if the presidents letter team will be able to respond because I beleive that they would be receiving thousands of letters daily.

The local politicians would probably be best suited to give you a face to face explanation of party annual legislature and schedule.

I myself have been involved with politics at local level and have learned that political procedure does have a mechanism that is quite productive and perhaps exciting for those with genuine interest.

I have had the opportunity to actually talk with a prime minister and can tell you that if you are sensible, people will smooth paths for your chances to blossom.

My advice to you is have your facts and figures sorted before you talk to anyone, it is the minimum requirement at local level to be able to converse with fluidity about the issues you want to talk about.

People don't realise how much work politicians have gathered and studied to be competant, and as you yourself as someone who has studied important and serious sectors of human culture and civilisation can attest, it is really boring and time wasting talking to someone who doesn't 'tinkle the bell' during converse...

Marcel F. Williams said...

I just downloaded the 1992 Nature article 'Sharing Out NASA's Spoils' about the huge economic benefits of the US space budget to the general economy-- even to those businesses that had no idea that they are benefiting from NASA.

Anyone interested in getting a pdf copy of this fascinating article can contact me at:

Marcel F. Williams

windbourne said...

Hmmm. Good letter.

Douglas Mallette said...

windbourne - Thanks. Feel free to copy and send it to them many times a day. lol.