Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Magnetic Shield for Reentry


Well, this is REALLY cool! I can think of no better way to reduce heat issues on a spacecraft than by creating a shield that helps prevent the particles from getting close to the skin in the first place. A nice bubble around the craft, or at least a field leading the way, is a great idea that should be researched by the U.S. as well. Good on you Europe.

Of course, this also could be used for shielding in space for a craft doing a long duration mission with people aboard. Nice "deflector shield" technology. Now, uncharged particles aren't affected of course, but anything charged could either be caught in the field, or bent away. Time for some serious R&D NASA, if you even do that anymore.

I think private companies would eat this up if they could just sell the technology to other nations. Imagine being the company that develops a real shield generator and how much $$$ you'd make on THAT?! Hello economic boom. Food for thought...chew on that a bit. :)


Anonymous said...

Very Cool!


Douglas Mallette said...


Norman Copeland said...

It could actually be used for controlling volcanoes. It could be used for securing perimeters for atom smashing which could inevitably create anti gravity controlled and depending on the neccessary veloscity required.

But, funnyly enough new 'blow up sex dolls' would keep a lot of batchelors happy...

But, then, space suits that beam oxygen inside them would be useful.