Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Off to NYC today!

Hello everyone,

Well, 4 hours to take off and I'll be on the way to New York to be on Fox News' Strategy Room for the next 2 days. Yes, I'm pretty excited about this. It's a major step in my life, and I hope it leads to future opportunities. My passion for space is unquestionable, and for the first time ever I see a chance to become more than just a fan, but an actual voice for the industry and hopefully affect a new mindset for this nation and how we view space.

Space exploration and development is not a nice thing to have, but an essential thing to do. Space should not be for the select few, but for everyone. Space is not an expense, but an investment. It's an investment in our economy, our national future, the inspiration of our youth, the survival of this planet and our survival as a species. Space is the answer to many questions.

Tomorrow and Friday mark the beginning of something special, I hope. I appreciate your support and your equaled passion.



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Norman Copeland said...

Well, I hope you enjoy the temperature...
The holiday vibe doesn't make a tribe
and the population shouldn't be a consolation
but, a voice, a voice of honesty is a man's choice...