Monday, November 23, 2009

Obama Addresses Science/Technology/Engineering

I like this, by why hasn't Obama come to the conclusion that the space industry, and a serious investment into it, will help many of the current issues we're facing right now. Look, if you're going to make a stimulus package that's supposed to save the day, you might as well spend the money on something that will last many years, grow an entire industry, employ hundreds of thousands of people directly (if not over a million) and also cause a double of that employment number by all the ancillary jobs that will end up being created.

This is a step in the right direction, but let's finish the play. Fix ITAR so the American commercial space industry can once again work with companies around the world to develop better products and systems. Use the unspent stimulus money and dump it right into the space industry in the forms of grants to businesses and schools, tax breaks to start new space based businesses, a large bonus check to NASA, etc. Put that money to use on building a Moon Base, something that will take 15+ years, that's never been done before, will be an inspiration to our young people, and will lead to unlimited future potential.

You're a smart guy Mr. President. Get it done.


Marcel F. Williams said...

NASA keeps sending mixed messages as to whether or not they want to explore the Moon or place permanent bases on the Moon.

I don't understand what's so difficult about using Altair vehicles to land 3 habitat modules on the lunar surface per year (one core module and two modules with bedroom sized interiors) and then covering them with lunar regolith within a surrounding sheet metal fence. That's two 11 tonne bed room sized habitat modules the first year, growing to 10 over 5 years and 20 over 10 years. And if light weight 100 meter inflatable habitats are landed by Altairs and covered with regolith, the lunar base would be dramatically more spacious.

This just doesn't seem very difficult to do, IMO!

Marcel F. Williams

Norman Copeland said...

Considering that figures quote the Democratic Party has having the most registered voters of any party with 72 million voters, Polls taken over the last decade indicate thirty four to thirty six percent of American voters self-identify as Democrats.

You see, I believe that most modern government president's/prime minister's operate candidacy from within party mainframe operating function based upon party consensus moderately to seriously reflective of public opinion.

It would perhaps be an indicative and clear approach to observation of government practice to view all legislature affiliated and consigned as act's within the partie's constitution which generally speaking will probably hinge upon the recent poll success's of party instigation and policy. Therefore, the persuit of new party directives need be in the interest's of the parties infrastructure of constitution, continuing to build on the partie's public political procedure acumen.

I beleive that as recent response to the space industry reveal's that it is not a time for heavy investment into the space industry because public involvement with politic's is mainly in the arena of the public health care mechanism which is what our president Barack Obama is residing the momentum of the parties supporter base following with. But,I do beleive that a bulk residue of evidence exist's within the parties abilities to create apath of signifance toward's swift change operating still within party perimeters. The new film 'planet 51' will bring much interest to this generation of 'teannie bopper's', but, politically speaking which is what we must do if we are talking seriously about bringing our desires and opinion's of operation to the table of communities to consider, reside and derive we must remain focused within party policy, mainframe procedure and ability to perform from the various option's available among the political infrastructure.

My own personal observation which perhap's could advance the procedure for the creation of a publically supported lunar colony building process would be to perhaps centre support on the democrat house of representative team known as the 'Blue dog's'.

It would be because they are supported from the sector of American community which is very much the focus of public attention and considering that the biggest single source of finance for the Blue Dog Political Action Committee is the health care industry
[they donated $1.2 million dollars in the 2009-10 election cycle]

In July 2009, Blue Dog members who were committee members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee successfully delayed the House vote on the Health Insurance Reform Bill (HR32) until after the Summer Recess.

I believe it would be astute to persue knowledge of the momentum developement potential from within this particular sector the party.,The

Douglas Mallette said...

Marcel - The only difficult part is moving the regolith and getting that heavy machinery there, but I still think it's totally possible.

Norman - I think more people right now are Independent. All parties suck and have proven not to listen to a darn thing the people are saying.