Monday, November 16, 2009

The LCROSS Finding

Hello everyone,

I bet some of you are wondering why I have not yet written about the most recent news that LCROSS found a lot of water. Well, I was at the SpaceVision 2009 SEDS National Conference, and was quite busy, so my ability to get in front of a computer and write out an article wasn't very good. However, now I'm home and have had the time to read some articles, see the report, etc.

I only have one word about this: GALLONS!

Not teaspoons, not trace amounts, but gallons of water found in a relatively small area represents one of the most important findings in near space in the history of mankind. Yeah, that's a big statement, but I strongly feel that way.

This much water on the Moon represents the strongest incentive for a Moon Base ever. Period. Before it was all speculation and hope. Now it's fact and data. You can't argue with that. What drives me nuts are the people still saying, "Well, that's all nice, but you still have to get the water out in appreciable amounts." Duh, that's what scientists and engineers do, figure those things out, and with this kind of excitement you know darn well that there will be a strong push to make it happen.

This also gives the private space industry a real economic reason to go to the Moon. Turn water into fuel and make the Moon a gas station and you can make a fortune selling fuel to others, but the fuel would still be wicked cheaper than ever having to bring it with you from Earth. The savings for launchers and missions would be significant, and the revenue for the fuel provider would be huge. Win win.

We live in an amazing time in human history. It's now time to turn sci-fi into sci-fact. Let's get this thing rolling! I am still on a mission. Priority one, educate the public to the point that they base a large portion of their political vote on how serious candidates take space. Space solves many issues, and this needs to be known. Parallel to that, try to talk to politicians either directly or through groups in an effort to fix ITAR and enable peaceful international private business collaboration to advance technology and space based systems.

I've got a lot of work to do, so let's get going!


Norman Copeland said...

Well, I'm wondering what a rocket scientist would be thinking about the various different types of fuel needed to power stable thrust for any of the existing rocket combination's,Cluster boosters, strap on, liquid or solid, slender delta or saturn v, etc, etc, etc...

Of course, that is if we're not talking lander's, pod's, capsule's and rover's which themselve's require stable thruster's with type fuel classification.

I have metioned before that I believe some sort of agreement should be ratified in an international juristiction of space travel authority that fuel must be utilised according to space region and atmospheric's, an obvious example would be perchlorate's and it's poisonous commodity to organic life, if even for the stage we are at scientifically not administrating terraforming programmes the base value of planetoid's as bases must be of prime significance to any evolving first stage race [first stage= the neccessity to create more off world environment's}.

Thus, the consideration to pertoleum companie's embarking upon any sort of business senario for space will be what sort of parimeter's will the rocket's be setting according to the planetoid and it's administrative deployment?

I do believe that this issue is beyond ITAR at the moment and seek to encourage any sort of space advocacy to the advancement of this particular theology.

An example of modern rocketry give's us an analysis of rocket booster requirement's for our planet's gravitational statistic's, but, again, I see no map/plan of planetoid booster to power lift chart's...

Two solid rocket boosters (SRBs) each provide 12.5 million newtons (2.8 million lbf) of thrust at liftoff,[11] which is 83% of the total thrust needed for liftoff. The SRBs are jettisoned two minutes after launch at a height of about 45.7 kilometers (150,000 ft), and then deploy parachutes and land in the ocean to be recovered.[12] The SRB cases are made of steel about 1.3 centimeters (0.51 in) thick.[13] The Solid Rocket Boosters are re-used many times; the casing used in Ares I engine testing in 2009 consisted of motor cases that have been flown, collectively, on 48 shuttle missions, including STS-1.

[planet EARTH]

Please advise, Douglas...

much thank's,

Norman Copeland.

Douglas Mallette said...

Well, the only real thing you get from the Moon that's easy to get is for liquid fueled rockets. Solids and such require manufacturing. Liquids, good old H and O are all you need, and it appears the Moon is loaded with it. :)

Norman Copeland said...

I asked Bill Wright at if he could supply us with a map of planetoid volcanism [galactic]which I think he's at work developing, but, considering fossil fuel's which is what one of the indication's the George W. Bush jr administration stimulous stealth development programme's was, it could justify the recent 'Augustine report' and support it's observation that manned space flight sit's upon the development of fauna and flora development off world.

This would suggest that the development of infrastructure off world rest's inadvertedly
with the possible development of genetically modified {GM food} food, another of the fundamental stealth strategies of the Goerge W. Bush jr era e.g the patenting of a rice type strain.

These building brick's instigated from an administration that what many still believe to be responsible for considerable turmoil really seem to be guilty of a 'magic pulling the rabit out of the hat' scenario that intelligently enough will ultimately happen.

I still regard the George W. Bush jr era as a very, very productive administration.

But, who is your vote following among the lower echelon's of politic's because, politic's is not rocket science is it?

Not at their age...

Douglas... ?????

Anonymous said...

I agree that educating the public should be top priority. It's sad to see the general apathy and disdain most have for the space industry. When I read posts about LCROSS that ranged from 'Waste of money' to 'Who cares, we have water here on Earth' I was just dumbfounded by the ignorance and blatant stupidity.

Educating the public, I think, will be difficult.

but... If the public gets behind it the politicians usually follow.


Marcel F. Williams said...

Since I strongly believe that NASA's primary focus should be on establishing permanent settlements on the lunar surface (not lunar sorties), I hope this doesn't lead some NASA officials to conclude that such facilities should be confined solely to the polar regions.

In fact, the Moon's south pole may be best suited for regolith mining robots exporting water and hydrocarbon rich regolith to permanent moon bases located in other regions of the Moon, IMO.

So I'm not so sure if a human presence would be necessary at the Moon's south pole in order to exploit these polar ice and hydrocarbon resources via robots and other machines.

But I hope Obama and Bolden realize the full magnitude of the latest discoveries about water and hydrocarbons on the surface of the Moon. And I hope they understand what it could mean in the long run for the emerging private commercial space industry and the long term growth of the US economy.

NASA needs to build the first-- permanent-- outposts on the Moon so that the entrepreneurs and settlers can quickly follow!

Marcel F. Williams

Douglas Mallette said...

Norman - My vote is for anyone who puts space in the top 3 priorities of their platform and acknowledges that space helps answer most other people's top 5. Space solves...

1. The Economy
2. Unemployment
3. The Education Drain
4. The Environment
5. Energy Concerns
6. International Relations

And in a round about way, it also handles terrorists, because by providing energy to the impoverished places of the world through SBSP, we afford those people a chance to move out of squalor and dismay, giving them self worth, pride and something better to do with their lives. Do this, and they become too busy living productive lives to tolerate the suicidal nonsense spread by retarded assholes. Terrorists prey on the weak, the angry and the bored. Remove that, and they have no one to recruit save for the REAL psychos, and the world will always have those idiots.

David - Well, I never said it would be I think I give this space stuff a twist no one else has. What we've lacked is a speaker they can relate too, someone who the people can connect with. They don't really connect to famous astronauts because of the natural disconnect. After all, they're fraggin' astronauts! Most scientists talk "geek", which sounds like Charlie Brown's mom to the general public. Show people how the space industry has reduced their bills, saved them money and made their life better, and they'll listen.

Marcel - I'm with you there. No limits! If they have to build near the poles first then I understand that, but it should not be limited to that, that's for sure. Amen...NASA is Lewis and Clark, setting the foundation for others to follow.

Norman Copeland said...

I've just seen at a well known space newscentre a new film which has been given the support of NASA letting the astronaught have a NASA badge on his sleeve. You''ll see the trailer that NASA is promoting with actor and wrestler 'dwayne Johnson' who is the character's voice at the animated film. NASA has chosen Dwayne to promote space to the world...


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