Friday, October 2, 2009

U.S. Paranoia Almost Derailed Huge Lunar Water Discovery

This article explains it all. It's very simple, the United States needs to relax its paranoid mentality over space based partnerships, or else this nation is NEVER going to become a true space faring nation.

ITAR is ridiculously overbearing as it stands right now and needs to be severely modified. I talk about this in greater detail in my book, but the point is that you cannot expect the space market to expand, which can be an extremely lucrative market globally, if you choke it to death under old school paranoid cold war B.S.!!! Knock it off! Not every nation is planning to use space as a war zone, especially if nations are working together to accomplish whatever space based task their involved with.

Look, I sure as hell don't want to give Iran or Afghanistan serious spaced based technologies, but when the paranoia prevents legitimate companies from doing business in the space market, we have a problem. As the article itself states, "They seem to be happy that co-operation takes place in not-for-profit science related projects, but profit-making commercial ventures in the lucrative space market are still a no-no."

Stupid U.S. government...WAKE UP! Space, specifically commercial space, is the answer to the future prosperity of this nation if you just let it happen! Fix this ITAR mess and you'll see U.S. companies working with trustworthy and solid global partners on amazing and important space based endeavors...and the U.S. GDP will be the better for it.


Norman Copeland said...

I haven't read the article yet, but, it's the same arguement that permiates through many communities, the dominant want's maintainance responsiblities and does not want to relinquish advantages in or around the subject arena.

How will this sensitive path be created, a forge for enthusiasts and businessmen...

Well, the relatives of the government officials can't do the business of directly pioneering the paths neccessary for immediate and resolute progress because it is deemed unlawful and anyone sniffing around with what are known as backhanded and under the table deals is risking destroying their career.

So, who?

The irony is the very people with the finance and resource available are the very people people who are restricted from this path creation. Is it really about stopping middle east businessman from developing space platforms and potentially planet dominating application?

No, I don't think so, I don't think many people of arab denomination are interested with space application's [as the figure's of america suggest nor are the american's].

I risk the wrath of many on the assumption that old islamic beliefs have not yet been given the stimulus for the development of a modern space islamic principle, thus, it may be something to consider when sitting around the nuclear power table considering who we're doing business with.

This is what bother's me most with people who want to develope nuclear power for space application's, they are the same people who can't get into space quick enough, but, I don't think have really considered the connotation's of islam in space while we still have these huge phychological differences happening around each other...

I've said it before at this blog, the Chinese have watched America for many years spend, spend spend, now they have their own space programme being built on a very, vey modest budget that I'm sure will do Chinese science proud, and the rest of the world if they choose to share their result's with us.

I believe Iranian and Iraqi scientist's would be very accomodating in our arena of science, but, I don't believe it would be possible for them to be accomodating ''around'' our arena of science because of islamic extremist's who send messages to the world that they probably just want to stay in the desert where they are.

What's the verdict on the paranoia...

Give all the women and all the money to me...

Norman Copeland said...

I'm very, very proud to say that I'm an American supporter, this just shows me that we're going the right way...

Does everyone realise how lucky we are to be alive in such an era as this. Our medicine and science is poised at the perimeter of another standard of evolution and finally we have the situation evening itself with an acknowledged international multicultural accolade.

Thank you god, thank you America and thank you me.

Everyone have a spiffing day.