Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NASA Administrator Bolden Appeals to Investors


WOW! Read this and tell me it doesn't sound wicked familiar. In fact, you can go back just a few articles on here and almost hear the same thing. I've been saying this for almost a year on this blog, and even longer among friends in random conversations.

Okay, so I don't have the forum, pull nor the gravitas that Administrator Bolden has, but at least the word is getting out there. My most favorite line is this...

"What if you were a seventh grader and you knew that if you buckled down, and studied hard at math and science, that you could go to space? Not because you would be the one of the very few who might become a NASA astronaut, as I was so privileged, but because you saw hundreds of people of all nations traveling into space each and every year, and knew in your bones that you could soon be one of them?"

Damn! I've said almost the exact same thing...almost verbatim...as my main argument for why America needs to become a space faring nation. A REAL one, not some flag dropping, short term visiting bunch of no-stayers. If we build a space infrastructure, and use it for economic growth, kids WILL become interested because they CAN get there. They know it can happen. THAT matters!

Now, to only get this kind of information to the general public. Hmmm, oh yeah, that's my job. :)

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Norman Copeland said...

Excerpt from article]

''I challenge each of you here this morning to join me in demonstrating to the world that Professor Quigley was right in his assertion – that we remain the greatest nation in the history of the world.
This is an open invitation. I’d love to hear your ideas on how we can raise the level of academic achievement in our public schools and reinvigorate the excitement and energy of our youth. This is an investment well worth making and one that will guarantee you a great return''.

Well, what I thought interesting was that administrator Bolden said that less black men {and presumably black women} still were interested in becoming astronaughts at about the 14/15 age group.

Personally, as someone who had the same situation which is probably what is being identified as a 'let's be popular and famous' {football professional} Vs. the academic hero...

The choice is obvious as we haven't shown, or, I personally haven't seen the results of a successful scientists carreer.

At 14/15 it becomes crucial to stay focused with the crowd and tuned with your place among it. It is like the fittest will survive the jossling and jockeying for position and really, I don't think that the children/youths don't really know what their doing.

I'm not sure if this is true, but, I beleive black children more athletically gifted and thus better athletes and sport is more of a path option than other opportunies.

I will seek to justify this comment [should marcel. f Williams...] with the fact that food from Africa and the caribbean is more vitalising and wholesome than modern american cuisine. i.e
yam, sweet potatoe, calaloo, green banana, etc etc etc

What is most significant though from my opinion as a European is that Modern North American culture is entirly based upon greek and latin science. If I were to tell black afro americans that african science is 'much much' more advanced would they be interested with learning it?

It's a cultural demographic occurance, one which significantly has spread because of fighting warring pacts.

Every fauna and flora species was renamed when the conquerers of the romans or the greeks studied the lands they conquered.

The Egyptians were a nation of scientists as were the Africans of central and south Afica.

What has happened to all the knowledge gathered from the africans?

Why would a little ignorant gangster rap twit with his silly hat on backwards be interested with learning flower species and renaming them african names.

Most modern medicine is made from trees and flowers...

Why is that important to a culture just rebased itself on another region of the planet.

Tell a gangster rap supporter that his life depends on where Norman Copeland plants a flower on another moon and he will say, ''so what'' that flower is for white men and f... the spacemen in their space ships. Guess its a regional thing Marcel. F Williams.