Friday, October 16, 2009

Manufactured Black Holes for Energy?

I LOVE SCIENCE! When is the last time I said that? Just then? Good, because I want to make it perfectly clear that science and technology are amazing and we are discovering things that are astounding every day! :)

So what am I raving on about this time? Electromagnetic black holes being created that trap light! Now there may be an option to use this technology to trap visible light from the sun and create the most amazing solar power collector EVER!

From the article: Such a device could be used to harvest solar energy in places where the light is too diffuse for mirrors to concentrate it onto a solar cell. An optical black hole would suck it all in and direct it at a solar cell sitting at the core. "If that works, you will no longer require these huge parabolic mirrors to collect light," says Narimanov.



Anonymous said...

What about getting rid of all the poluting power plants? No more nuclear waste? Wow! Even cars driven by a black-hole-engine? How clear the air and the skies will be! Utopia on it's way?

Douglas Mallette said...

It might take a while to get the technology to that point, but I like your thought process. In the mean time, the Moon offers the perfect place to move off harmful industrial processes.

Put all the nasty plants on the dark side and shoot that pollution into space. Can't really pollute space. lol. And the best part, we have the technical means to do this NOW, and not wait for future technologies.