Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Would $700 Billion Do? (Follow Up)

1. The Apollo program cost $150 billion over 13 years (already adjusted to reflect 2008 dollars)

2. Apollo employed over 400,000 people

3. The stimulus package would have funded 4 full Apollo style programs with leftover money to spare

4. This would have directly employed over 1.6 million people and put us on the international stage for space exploration

5. I cannot imagine the ancillary jobs created beyond the 1.6 million, because these employees would have strong paychecks and be consumers of course (housing biz, clothing biz, car biz, vacation biz, etc)

So, what employment problem, or economic crisis?

And beyond that, we could involve the international community. Win win.


Norman Copeland said...

Will the stars say we are ready for this development?

Initially the report will suggest we may have the ability to fund such immediate development and anticipating the global black market approach to trade embargo's the restraints need be placed upon those smaller nation's wishing to develope outlandish national procedure according to the characteristics of the chase for land in space.

I would suggest that some sort of 'federation' be initiated with these next years precluding our intentions to forgo singular colony on this planet. It would be an act of wisdom for the clarification of a 'federation' financial stimulous guaranteeing all nation integrity according to the economic GDP [gross domestic productivity] percentages guaranteeing the ensured commitment to the federation.

Again, I would have complete control of the black market via stealth economic planning procedure.

I guess the declaration will be that we chose exploration, all of us wanted it, we all wanted to 'know', we all wanted to be involved and wanted equality.

So, how much for 2000 satillites for the monitering of our solar system around every planet and moon, and then the order of 500 space vessels for setting labs and small habitations.

I've not finished playing with my personal calculator yet...

Douglas Mallette said...

I've talked about that, an a-political sort of Science and Space UN, the GSO: Global Space Organization.

Norman Copeland said...

I guess our biggest enemy is within...


Norman Copeland said...

Considering this is a large community I thought that the civilians would like to view the system, particularly because the head of NASA is a military man we may be witnessing a move towards military governance of space...




Norman Copeland said...

At current our satelites can send signals from the edge of our solar system with seven second delay,

hell, is it that far...


Anonymous said...

I certainly applaud prioritizing space development. In fact I appreciate you (Douglas Malette) having been an early joiner and continuing as an officer of the CCCCG on Facebook.

However, I would caution you and all space promoters that there is a lifecycle in every enterprise. I think that to a great extent in the time of Sputnik, Mercury, Apollo, Skylab and Mir doing anything fairly logical in space was a great advantage to the Space industries and to our civilization. But now every dollar and pixel that is no helping us to reach our real goals tends to lessen the chances we will ever get there. I believe that we need to achieve economic expansion into permanent colonization of the Moon and Mars. This is truly doable and all the astronomy,science and communications we need can be part of that symphony but if they are not integrated into it in some way then they will lead to dead-ends that lead (with many other facotrs) to the collapse of our civilization over time.

Douglas Mallette said...

Frank - I totally agree that this is a concert movement, and not a solo performance.

What's the CCCCG? lol. Was I volunteered for something that I'm unaware of? lmao. Or did I have a major brain fart.

Anonymous said...

CCCCG Crater Cap Concept Colony Group:
You are the most recent post on the wall among other things.