Monday, September 21, 2009

Not a Lot

Every now and then there just isn't anything going on in the science/space/technology world that I want to discuss. Last Wednesday was my last post and nothing major has jumped up since then to grab my attention. Yes, there are some things going on, there always are, but nothing that has warranted a post.

So, this post is just going to be dedicated to yelling at Tony Romo. 3 fraggin' interceptions, one returned for a TD?! Are you kidding me? Add to it the retarded fumble that should never have happened and I'm surprised Dallas even made the game as close as it was. Thankfully the Giants are virtually inept at scoring touchdowns when they get near the Red Zone, but in the end we still lost the stupid game.

One shining point of course was the Dallas running game, which should have been used more frequently in order to set up quality play action passes deep down the field, but Jason Garret didn't seem to dial up that strategy. What a bunch of crap. There were several times when I the play was happening...where Romo should have gone with the ball and he made a bad choice every fraggin' time!!!

My wife says I should be a coach, because I am perversely knowledgeable about the game. 90% of the time I call out what the defense is doing before the snap, I can tell pre-snap reads as they happen, I understand shifts and formations by the offense, etc. So it's not like I'm some goofball fan who "thinks" they know what the hell they're talking about. I do know what I'm talking about and that kind of makes it even more sour, because I know what the simple correct decisions are supposed to be and they're not being made.

Last week, the defense allowed far to many points and yards. This week, the same thing. Wade, fix your sh*!, because us Dallas fans aren't going to be tolerant forever.


Norman Copeland said...

So, who's idea was it to be involved with the space business and space travel? Someone someplace had the idea that they wanted to build spaceships during our evolution, but, why...

It was probably before the world was as populated as it is now, so, the reason wasn't because of lack of food 'or' competition which tells us that it was natural progression, or will someone say ''I wanted to be as far away as possible''? and that is the reality of progression some people know and some don't.

So, we invented games to settle disputes ammicably while having the knowledge that we wanted to share and fundamentally needed each other, but, be compared as an accessment of self worth, value, commitment and prowess.

Now that players actually spend a lot of time accessing stats the question is at what stage does efficiency become ineficiency?

So, the direct result for this consideration is are we now in control of our evolution or is self obssession becoming an obsession. Which tells us a new 'path' could be neccessary as an entire race.

It's a great thing that we have games because really it acts as a thorough realistic commuinity bonding. It's what our astonaught's go into space with, our women go to bed with and our men staunch with.

But, I must say this, women and men are very divided when it is about sport interests, and that is what bothers me, I beleive that when sport was at it's beginning sport was very important to both men and women, now it's a very separatist thing and that tells me that we're perhaps at the start of newer pastures.

How will that effect the phyche of the astronaughts?

So, I'm not publically admitting chauvinism, but, I still don't see how women can be anymore than colleagues if their not the wife.

Perhaps I was right after all.

Gimme Flash Gordon anyday.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

I am awestruck by the size of the new stadium for the Dallas Cowboys, upon taking a virtual tour of the article located at,


Now try to imagine 10 or 15 such buildings along the walls of a 2 mile wide crater on the Moon or even on Mars. With about 2,000 or 4,000 people working in each one for a total population of about 20,000 people and a host of robots.

In one or two buildings, dedicated to growing food and genetic modification of plants, kergulean cabbage,, and other plants are being adapted and utilized by the humans colonist and researchers among other artic and subartic plant species from Old Earth.

Humans are thinking upon the future aspects of humanity...

In another building, researcher are building the Martian equivalent of the LHC--to capture and create antimatter. One of the leading researchers and team,has theorized that by drilling down to the subsurface core/mantel layers with laser technology and then introducing an amount of antimatter the chain reaction of antimatter occuring at 150 miles into the planet will jumpstart the Martian magentosphere...the geologist are in the process of drilling the borehole at the secondary site. The borehole, creates an open magnetic levation so that the capsules of antimatter rapidily enter the planets interior layers. This borehole is being drilled in a geologically stable region reaching into the depts miles upon miles to the specific planet boundary...

In another building, the astrogeologist and astrobiologist are devising ways to melt the subsurface ice, carbon dioxide, methane hydrates, and water that resides across the Martian subsurface layers... The unfortunate aspect is the salinity levels of the ice layers, as the ice is highly acidic.


Jerry m. Weikle said...

Beyond Someday...

What possibly could happen if humanity were to goto another world, say Mars, and terraform it into a completely habitable planet. A planet with a thicker atmosphere, a working planetary core that promotes a magnetosphere. Even the use of genetic modified plants from "Old Earth" to allow the formation of a biosphere including animal species as well.

What if two worlds existed for 1,000 years before "Old Earth" suffered a severe population crash or some other tragic event, and the Martian society continue then eventually suffered a simular fate, what if both worlds and aspects of humanity were reduced to tribal elements?

Projecting into the future is like soothsaying or trying to read the fortune from old ruinstones. One cannot say, but historical aspects can and have occurred in the past, according to some historians.

In an online presentation, © 1998 Charles W. Moore, the author presents compelling discussion on the aspects of Nordic and Welsh settlers in the Midwestern areas of North America. The discussion is here at this link, upon the aspects of the Mandan tribe of North America.

If 20,000 years were to pass and the great Nations of Earth were to collapse with a reminant population of humans, existing in a tribal condition were to rebuild a technological society and then travel to another world that had also rebuilt it's society.

What reminants of the 21st Century might exist? What oral traditional stories would have simularities to one another?

The importance in the above link, refering to the "european charistics" of the Mandan tribes is the improbable or impossibility of not knowning or disregarding history. Much of human history is lost...or very poorly understood...or left to interpertations beyond the acceptable 'norms' of society.

Think inside the boxes with knowledge, but outside of the boxes with wisdom.

It might come to pass, that one day our human species could evolve into something as "Romulan and Vulcan" is protrayed in Star Trek.

But that is "A Undiscovered Country" of some far reaching future, is it not?