Thursday, September 10, 2009

JAXA Launches HTV

Okay, so it looks good so far. Japan launched the maiden flight of their HTV resupply vehicle that will eventually dock with the ISS next week. Well, not dock, but more like be plucked out of free space and berthed. Ya know, that's kind of cool.

"Oh look, our supply ship, go grab it." lol.

Seriously though, this is a nice first step in the international development of space by more than just a small handful of nations. Factor in this and the private industry as it matures and solidifies itself, and we have the makings of great potential for the future of spaceflight...especiall human spaceflight.


Marcel F. Williams said...

It would be nice if the Japanese space agency could develop a launch vehicle capable of lifting at least 25 tonnes into orbit so that US companies manufacturing the Orion space capsule could also sell them to the Japanese. It would be nice to have strategic allies like Japan and Europe with manned space flight capability.

Norman Copeland said...

I think that Japan will perhaps mimick the NASA space programme, though they have obvious talents with astronomy which could perhaps produce another more advanced space telescope, perhaps they will build a telescopic lab for on board infrascopic telemetric calculations...

But, after watching this video I have a blended view and my guess is they will build an advanced smaller and more compact particle accelerator with money other people may of thought they would be spending on the space programme 'in the near future'.