Sunday, September 13, 2009

Congratulations to Armadillo Aerospace!!!

On Saturday, Sept. 12th, Armadillo successfully completed the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge - Level Two part. This $1 million dollar X Prize competition represents exactly why I think the private industry is more capable than most people give them credit for when it comes to the adventure of exploring space beyond just LEO. :)

Again, congratulations Armadillo.


Marcel F. Williams said...

I actually think its much easier, safer, and cheaper for private industry to invest in and operate reusable OTVs (orbital transport vehicles), lunar landers, and reusable fuel depots than Earth to orbit transportation systems. Once you get the lunar transportation infrastructure into orbit, the rest is relatively easy. Of course you'd have to have a Moon base and, or, an L1 station first in order for private industry to participate in such ventures.

Norman Copeland said...

While considering the conspiracy theorist's flying disk illusive element which is capable of levitating reportedly because of it's magnetic properties, it is obvious that space exploration's immediate primary task is to discover more element's.

Obviously, industry and commerce will develope and evolve into itself while discovering more materials for working with.

It is admirable to consider the opportunities for other scientific branches and the 'aquasition' of new material.

Thank you for the effort Armadillo.

A recent thesis has been posted with an organisation of science suggesting life on this planet is the result of the element zinc, but, what elements came from the zinc?

On Mars an ''asteroid'' rock chunk has just been discovered which suggests it is quite recent to the surface, perhaps tests could tell us what sort of elements it has brought?

Neuclide table [as seen on our planet].

Douglas Mallette said...

That's why the govt. (NASA) builds the Interstate and private industry uses it to build the gas stations and towns along the highway. :)

Marcel F. Williams said...

Here's a new document from those advocating a non-heavy lift architecture for establishing a base on the Moon:

Douglas Mallette said...

Marcel - Nice find.