Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Stab at Global Warming

Alright, now THIS is something to think about. Selective data presentation is definitely a way to skew any argument in ones favor. The alarming thing here is that people are doing this right in front of the world, and the gullible world is buying it...or spending on it as the case may be.


Marcel F. Williams said...

The ice caps are melting and the sea levels are rising. And we really don't know when its going to stop or whether the melting of the polar ice caps will accelerate.

However, this is an unusually cool interglacial period. Usually sea levels during an interglacial period are much higher and the state of Florida is underwater during an interglacial period. Maybe global warming can get things back to normal:-)

brian said...

Actually, it's quite the opposite. The science community has essentially no debate on whether climate change is anthropogenic. You'll be hard-pressed to find half a dozen *credible* scientists in the whole world who deny this. On the other hand, there is doubt in the general public, largely due to an effective PR campaign in the media by big business. They have tricked many people (perhaps including you) that climate change science is somehow not proven or in question. This just isn't true. By the way, the IPCC was comprised mostly of independent researchers from universities around the world. There is no government conspiracy force the reality of climate change down our throats. On the contrary, the US government has been dragging its feet and holding back the world in battling what is unquestionably the biggest challenge of our time. After all, this is a race against time to preserve our very survival as a species and that of every other form of life on the planet!

Douglas Mallette said...

WHAT?! I don't know what circles you run in, but as an Engineer in the space industry I know plenty of scientists who find AGW questionable. There is significant debate within, but only the loud mouthed (and financially backed) AGW supporters are ever heard.

Ooh, big media and big business. Big media are eating up global, climate change...and the green movement like crazy, and big business is right on board too.

I'm not tricked, I'm informed. If you'd like to see some compelling and complete information on the true history of our climate over the past...say...500k years, then look at this:

IPCC: All those independent Universities and such get their grant monies from the governments that sponsor them. So tell me, how unbiased do you think they are really going to be? You don't bite the hand that feeds...funds you.

"The U.S. is dragging its feet"...even though we have the strictest pollution control laws in the world, and have had them in place for quite some time. Take a look at India and China before you say something really stupid.

The only race going on is the race for some damn one world government ideal that micro-manages every aspect of your life because "they" don't think you're smart enough to do it yourself. I don't feel like having some totalitarian foothold on my life under the guise of "saving the planet".

Hell, just today I heard a story where the EU is thinking of passing a law that you can't have your I-Pod (or any music device with headphones) play louder than a certain level, "for your own health". Next it's what you can eat, what you can wear, what you can SAY! "F" THAT!

brian said...

Doug, your opinions run contrary not only to mine but to reality. I don't think we can have a effective conversation by talking past each other like this. I will stop responding to your blog posts - as uninformed as some of them may be.

Perhaps we will meet one day at a SSP array in space. Until that day, I wish you much success with your book (even if it is self-published).

Douglas Mallette said...


1. I bring you facts, you ignore them. Did you even look at the document with credible sourced data points that counter your argument?

2. Your argument brings nothing to the table. All you've said is, "You're wrong, I'm right." You have yet to bring one shred of unaltered data to support your argument. If AGW is so true, show me.

3. Taking back handed jabs at me, such as " uninformed as they may be," and "even if it is self-published," pretty much shows me you don't have a leg to stand on, because the last resort of anyone who is losing an argument is to simply attack the other side.

Take a debate 101 class before you encounter me on that SSP array, although I'll probably destroy your argument there too. Take care.

Norman Copeland said...

Hey, I would like to say that anyone who watches t.v will be the recipient of political propagander concerning the global warming debate. As someone who has been involved with the media, which effect's the entertainment business {which I have been involved with}, I shall say that this talk of 'tricking' people is half true...

You see, it start's with a little government funded research that produce's, let's say, 'what we're looking for' result's, then t.v documentary publishing the result's becomes an interesting subject for the public to consider.

So, though Brian has said that the science communinity has not really debated it, the emphasis is on what has...

And generally speaking, it's government funded reasearch that produce's interesting documentaries produced by politically inclined television broadcasters favouring the stealth procedures of government policy profiling.

I've seen this many times, scientist are baffled with monetary agenda until they apply for funding themselves for private research, then they spend the next 10/15 years learning the ropes around the money administrators, and then they learn it's government.

Welcome to the club ladies and genlemen.

Brian... Stay...

This is a rare blog that invites debate!!!

Because of your differing opions someone will learn from what I've said.