Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sun Cycle Alters Earth Climate?!?!

NO SH%*!!!

I bet the entire study distances itself from saying a damn thing about climate change (formerly known as global warming until serious studies showed the Earth was actually COOLING during the time).

The more serious studies are done by scientists that aren't in bed with the politicians, the more we'll learn about how much natural events are driving our weather than the things we're doing.

Do we need to make every effort to clean up our act...ABSOLUTELY...but don't anyone dare try to force legislation down my fraggin' throat in some Godlike manner. Don't legislate my SUV away, just make it a cleaner and better SUV. :)

Addition to this article:

Here an article I found a while back...I can't believe I found it...that breaks down the fundamentally flawed logic being used by the Global Warmingists and sites a lot of great trend data, if ones eyes are open enough to see it that is.


Marcel F. Williams said...

This is actually a relatively cool interglacial period. Interglacial periods are normally a bit warmer than this and places like Florida are usually under water. During the last interglacial period, sea levels were 4 to 10 meters higher than today and lasted around 17,000 years.

We probably have 5000 years left until the next ice age.

But global sea levels are currently rising and we've managed to dump more CO2 into the atmosphere than has been seen in the last 2 million years. So we may still have a chance of putting Florida underwater within a few hundred years. So this is an interesting experiment we're conducting on our planet of evolutionary origin!

But most humans shouldn't even be living on the Earth's surface, IMO. Our relentlessly growing population is a mass extinction event all by itself. We should be exploiting the asteroids in order to manufacture our own artificial worlds. There's enough asteroid material between Mars and Jupiter to house trillions if not quadrillions of people.

Douglas Mallette said...

Marcel - I concur.

Michael Martin-Smith said...

Marcel is self-evidently correct. Cosmic impacts, supervolcanoes, dramatic climate changes, and global pandemics are but a few of the many factors which can send civilisation back to a "Stone Age without Mammoths".
However, no cause of mass extinction or Malthusian collapse applies to a civilisation DISPERSED away from one planet into free floating Space cities built from ET raw materials .
There are those who say that civilisation , or Humanity, is unworthy of being preserved or developed ; well, such people do not have to live if they do not wish to, but have no right to abort unborn billions.

Douglas Mallette said...

Micheal - Exactly.