Tuesday, August 25, 2009

South Korea Launches Its Own Rocket


Finally, they did it today, launching their own weather satellite on their own rocket (with the help of Russia for the design and build of the rocket). I am all in favor of countries who do things the right way, are obviously intent on the peaceful use of space, and do things in a transparent manner so that the world knows they are being just and genuine with their space aspirations. Go S. Korea!

I am very interested to see how N. Korea acts about the fact that the world supports S. Korea, but condemned them when they launched their rocket several months back. Then again, the N. Korean government is a bunch of secretive, nefarious bastards. So I'm okay with shunning them until they wake up and play nice with the rest of the world. :)

Apparently they didn't exactly reach their orbital target, but exceeded it. Science and technology minister Ahn Byong-Man said it was not following the designated orbit, hampering communications with mission control. "All aspects of the launch were normal, but the satellite exceeded its planned orbit and reached an altitude of 360 kilometres (225 miles)," Ahn said.

Overachievers. :) Still, better than burning up halfway there and crashing in the ocean...ahem...N. Korea.

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Norman Copeland said...

''North Korea may have solved the riddle of making a robust beer but it has not completely solved the problem of bottling it''.