Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Progress on Surface Nuclear FIssion Power Technology

Consider this post as a link to a great article. Nuclear power, whether for habitats on the Moon, Mars, etc. or on the rockets themselves for propulsion, is essential if we're going to seriously explore our solar system now; at least until we develop even more exotic and powerful propulsion/energy systems.

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Norman Copeland said...

Though all things are probably at some stage nuclear power and it could be really easy to continue developing scientific knowledge towards strengthening nuclear power propulsion knowledge, 'isotopes' and instigating/isolating them 'on around and with' environments is the real science of interest for anyone whose got the gist of what travelling through space requires.

You see, securing the environment is what space travel is about and how the vessel and specimen of species travels through it without catching all the elements of dark sickness.

Plasma physics is just the start of developing sheilds for harmful rays in space, but, treated plasma is not the substance it is.

Role on someone with isotope engine ambitions.