Monday, August 3, 2009

Defying Gravity (New ABC TV Series)

For those of you complaining about the sexual overtones, the "unrealistic" science, and any other complaints you have against this new series: Stop being boring science geeks, put away your dorky pocket protectors and embrace the fact that there is a sci-fi show in prime time that at least touches on the possibilities of long duration space missions! You bunch of closed minded, tight collared whiners. Loosen up.

To the average person, space flight is not so much boring, but simply over their head and complex. Actually, I bet it IS boring to them because they cannot connect at all, even though it may interest them. If you don't bring in the human element of intrigue, interpersonal relationships (good and bad), etc. into the mix then all you have is a boring NOVA episode that might be fun for science geeks and completely crap for everyone else. I mean seriously, what the hell do you people want? The NASA Channel is all about science, and it's ratings are through the roof...oh they aren't!

It's not about being 100% REAL, but real enough to get the imagination flowing. For Christ sakes, Star Wars and Star Trek are totally not real in virtually every way, but those movies and series' alone helped to motivate a crap load of people to become engineers and scientists, just to try and make Star Wars real, and we've had a lot of innovation because of it.

In the past it was all about books with sensational characters, now it's TV. Yeah, Buck Rogers was so real wasn't he, or Flash Gordon. Puh-lease, it's entertainment mixed with just enough plausible science that it could be used as a means to enlighten the public AND entertain them with respect to space travel. How the hell else do you expect the public to get behind something they generally don't understand?

Just look back at every single classic sci-fi comic or book from the past and you'll find elements of everything that was seen in this TV series, the only difference is that most of you are so stuck up (or old) to appreciate the modern entertainment demographic.

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Norman Copeland said...

Hey buddy, some of us Englishmen remember when we couldn'y get a good dose of sci fi for love nor money, I was about 7 or 8 years old when I woke for 8 o'clock black and white Flash Gordon episodes on a saturday morning, and I'll take them anyday thanks. I remember at that age comparing the book 'lion men of mongo' to the series waiting for some idiot to realise I need more information about Mongo...