Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dark Energy Takes a Hit


THUMP! What was that? Maybe a nail in the coffin of Dark Energy? Who knows...we shall wait and see if the peer review process is conducted fairly and justly, or if the "powers that be" do all they can to suppress, discredit and destroy this, or any alternative theory that doesn't fit their budgetary guidelines.

What am I talking about? Oh, sorry, I just get exited when more than one idea is finally publicized. :) In a nutshell, and you can read the article for greater detail, a group of scientists has theorized that the reason why it "looks" like everything in the universe is accelerating away in all directions is because we're all riding a huge universal space-time wave, and so objects on that wave will appear to be accelerating away from other objects on that wave.

I don't know if this will hash out to be plausible, factual, whatever, but I am very happy that we finally have some scientists bucking the system and not drinking the dark energy Kool-aid that the scientific community has embraced so passionately that it's almost like a religion. Time will tell if this pans out to be more logical and probable than some elusive and invisible energy culprit.

With that in mind, Gedanken time: Imagine, if you will, that the Universe is a spinning toroid. Not a sphere, or a flat plate, but the largest donut you can possible imagine, where all of us and all the stuff rides on the outer skin in a constant state of curvature going around the toroid. Constant curvature all the way around, ergo everything seems to be accelerating no matter which was you look. Spinning universe, imparting spin on everything else. Hmm. A fixed size, shape and spin requires no limits, boundaries or this concept of infinite expansion, because that's not happening.

Additional: Don't care how the toroid was made. Don't care what's beyond it, or what's inside it. Embrace infinity in both directions, infinitely small and infinitely big, including infinite existence. Always has been, always will be, enjoy the ride and stop worrying so much about that which you cannot reason within the infinitesimally small existence you inhabit along the infinite space-time time line.


Norman Copeland said...

Douglas, You should listen to the scholars words, many of your question's will be answered.

A VERY worthy addition.


Peter Fred said...

There is a much simpler solution to the dark energy problem. There is a cosmic coincidence: immediately following the decline in the star formation rate or the dimming of the universe the universe started to acccelerate. I have an alternate gravity theory that I have been working on for 30 years which assumes that it is not the mass that attracts other mass but the radiation leaving that mass that does the attracting of other mass. In my paper which is posted at http://vixra.org/abs/0907.0018, I have decribed five experiments which to my satisfaction demonstrate that radiation is gravitationally attractive. I also have a graph which shows the near coincidence of the dimming of the universe and its acceleration. I am an amateur and I can get a certfied scientist to even comment on my experiments let alone this all too simple solution to the dark energy problem.

Douglas Mallette said...

And this is why the scientific community sucks in most respects. Anyone who has an idea is shunned if they are not part of the PhD crowd. Those arrogant bastards think just because they acquired the extra education, they are above everyone else who has an idea.

I recommend you post it everywhere you can online, try to get it peer reviewed by people outside the U.S. Go global, you'll find some one to give it the proper review.

Peter Fred said...

With the 300-year-old belief that mass mediates the gravitational force, it has never been thought possible that gravity could ever be harnessed in the way that the electromagnetic force was harnessed in the late 19th century.

But if radiation mediates the gravitational force, then it might be entirely possible to employ the gravitational force for practical purposes. I mean if the heavenly bodies move around space using gravity maybe its time for NASA to start thinking about using gravity in order to go from A to B. With $150 worth of equipment my experiments can be replicated. The NASA higher ups are not going to move with experiments done by an amateur.

Douglas Mallette said...

Then do it yourself via a private investor, and try to find at least one or two legit physicists or Aerospace Engineers to support you. That's all you really need.

I've always said that it's stupid to fight gravity...use it! Create a gravity well in front of you and "fall" forward. On top of you and fall up. Whatever direction it is, is the direction you accelerate towards.

I actually have a post on this from a while ago:

Gravity, Anti-Gravity & Space Travel

From Feb 12, 2009.