Friday, July 24, 2009

World Peace Through Space?

A comment in one of my previous posts has triggered this post. Here's the comment:

"Join as One. World Peace through Space Exploration. Start a world space Federation."

This is one of those instances where you have to balance politics and science. Let me first say that I think this is a great idea, as long as it is completely isolated from all politics. But one must really know that world peace is a true impossibility, really. Humans bicker, for whatever reason. I guess it all depends on what your definition of world peace is. Are you so grand as to want to stop all physical violence completely? Good luck with that, because if someone breaks into my house and threatens the safety of my family, you can bet your ass they are going down. Or are you more realistic and simply view the quelling of major global conflict as the milestone for world peace? That could be more attainable.

Seriously, what do we fight about in the world? Resources and religion are historically the main players in conflict, and the same is true today...especially religion. I'd venture to say that 90% of the world is peaceful and just goes about their business of living. The other 10% is made of mentally defunct jackasses who still believe that power is attained by violence and oppression. Chiefly among them are the Islamic Terrorists, who have twisted a religion to the point of insanity; North Korea, who are basically the 3 year old in the house who pitches temper tantrums to get attention; and Iran, whose shady treatment of nuclear technology causes most of the world to raise an eyebrow in suspicion, but whose people are now finally fed up with their backwards oppressive government and are trying to do something about it.

That's about it. China is an economic threat maybe, but they aren't brandishing weapons at the world, although we would like them to adopt better human rights standards. Still, consider that in an entire world of 6+ billion people, only 3 groups are really causing the problems, with the terrorists being the most direct threat to life on a regular basis. The other two groups are possible threats, but have taken no action.

There's not much you can do about the terrorists. I don't care how many olive branches you extend, psychotic is as psychotic does. These idiots have distorted their religion to the point that it cannot be reasonable. Join us or die? Ha! They sound like the Sith from Star Wars, but thankfully without the power of the Force. You cannot reason with insanity, you can only abolish it. Press on. As for the other nations, if you give them something else to focus on, they might actually become constructive members of the global community.

This is where the notion of a World Space Federation would come into play. THIS IS NOT A WORLD GOVERNMENT IDEOLOGY!!! I hate that ideology. A one world government is the worst idea ever, period. If you think governments are inept now, why would you want to blend them all together?!?!?! Talk about thickening the bureaucratic nightmare, adding more fraud, waste and abuse to the mix, and increasing corruption to a ridiculous level. We already have enough issues in the world with power hungry bastards as it is, so I am not about to accept the creation of an even more powerful and enticing prospect that would feed the power struggle via a one world government. And let's not even get into the Big Brother scenario, where a severe lack of checks and balances would cause the government to become more powerful than the people it's supposed to serve, completely screwing the freedoms of humanity that are naturally imbued upon them at birth. No thanks.

However, a World Space Federation would be an entity where space organizations around the globe (governmental and private) would work together and pool resources for space related missions. These would be manned and robotic missions, but in my bias I would want to see more manned than robotic, that's for sure. I guess one could consider this a United Nations for Space. All nations of the world would come together, not to iron out political disputes, which are highly subjective and emotionally driven anyway, but to advance scientific progress, which is strictly adherent to the laws of nature, the finite nature of math, and the true and honest explanations of the universe (of which we live in and are a part of, no matter your nationality, religion, etc.).

The WSF would not be a political organization and have no ties to any one government. They would be autonomous, but not invincible. Laws and rules would apply, and to ensure that the organization didn't set out on some nefarious scheme (after all, humans would be running it, and sometimes people suck), they would be audited every few years or so by a randomly chosen member government (but never the same government 2 times in a row). The audit, and basically everything the WSF does, would be made public and readily available online for anyone to see. It would be the ultimate in anti-corporate security. Anyone, anywhere can see what's going on and how it's being done. I'm kind of making this up as I go for the sake of an example, but the option is real and possible.

The point is, that if you were to focus the world on something bigger than itself, then petty bickering and nonsense would dissipate. If you are ultra busy trying to work with others on solving the complex and difficult tasks of building a colony on Mars, then you wouldn't have the time to be a jackass. A lot of the problem nations in the world are just, in my opinion, bored and non-contributive to the world. They are like the bored kid in class who acts up for attention, or because there's nothing better to do. Let's give them something better to do!!!

Join the WSF, where the power of the human mind will unlock the secrets of the universe!


Norman Copeland said...

Someone said something about starting a federation???

Guess you'll be needing me then...

I talk straight and don't like nobody much, but, I like my liquor hard, pa says you can tell an honest good man like that...

Douglas Mallette said...

Norman - Long time no see! Well, long time no virtual chat. lol. Sure, how do we start building an International Federation, like the UN...only for space exploration and apolitical. lol.

Jerry M.Weikle said...

How does that occur, the development of an International Federation or Organization that is dedicated to space exploration, development, and peaceful uses of science and technology?

How did Bill Gates build MicroSoft?

Hey Norman, great to see you again and chat. I like the liquor Whiskey straight and on the rocks.

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Adam said...


write a quick post in acknowledgement. We will write again soon, and would like to continue a discussion on the topic.

Thanks all.

Douglas Mallette said...

Adam - What are you talking about? lol