Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oddities in Our World

Sometimes we find things that just totally screw up our historical time lines and our accepted notions. When you find "man made" objects that are 400 million years old, this completely destroys so much of what is considered accepted and true history.

At what point do you start to consider the following:

1. Humans have been around a LOT longer than assumed right now.

2. Aliens have been here in the past to either assist or be somewhat involved in our development.

3. What we assume to be fact may, in fact, be totally bunk!

The universe is a strange and weird place, including our own home and history. I love it! :)


Jerry Matthew Weikle said...

Hey Douglas, I just finished looking over the website that you eluded with the hyperlink.

Yeah, the wooden handle that is turning to coal and the artifact is 500 Million years old? Or the footprints and 'sandels' that are mentioned.

Granted, I am consistent with acceptable timelines of events and how these items predate the evolution of mammals on the Earth could cause debate and academic arguementation.

We don't know what types of technology will be developed in the future. Our modern ability to enhance genetic sequences within plants are "magic and witchcraft" 500 years ago.

Douglas Mallette said...

Jerry - Well, you know me, I never shy away from a good argument. :)

Norman Copeland said...

You should consider what the Egyptians knew as 'the underworld'.